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What Stages the Recruitment Process Have at the EU-OSHA?

The recruitment process at the European Agency for Safety and Health does not involve many stages.

Pre-employment Tests

After your documents have been screened, expect to receive a link to an online test, which you need to complete before the organization decides to move forward with you. What test you will get depends on the position for which you are competing. If your new role involves working with written texts, your recruiters may want to estimate your reading comprehension and writing skills. If at your new work place, you are expected to work with numbers, your potential employers may want to ascertain that you understand and analyse well data presented in charts and tables. You may also be invited to pass the Personality Test, because employers at Eu-OSHA will want to ensure that you posses required personality traits to be a valuable part of the team. In some cases, you will do tests provided by Hudson.

JobTestPrep can successfully prepare you to any of theses tests. Our arsenal of tests is rich and includes close simulations of numerical tests, verbal tests, and personality assessments. Whatever test you meet on your pre-employment assessment, we have resources to prepare you for it so well that you will pass your exam with success and will be shortlisted for an interview.

A Phone Interview

Good result on the test guarantee that you will receive a phone call from the organization’s Human Resources managers. Be ready to talk about your former work experience and your career goals. Sometimes, you will have an opportunity to talk to several people during your phone interview in addition to talking to the Human Resources manager.

A Face-to-Face Interview

A face-to-face interview will follow, if your phone interview goes well. As a rule, it is held in one of the organization’s locations. This interview takes the form of a panel with three or four managers and team leaders. Questions posed by them are behavioural, situational, and technical. You may also be asked to explain how you would help a company to comply with Federal regulations. The recruiters will also ask you questions to determine how well you can learn quickly. In some cases, you may also be asked to solve a small mathematical problem and do a proof reading of a short test during this interview.

To leave a lasting impression on your recruiters, go over our high-quality interview materials. They contain many pieces of advice and tips on how to conduct yourself impressively during your in-person interview. Our interview kit also contains the most frequently asked interview questions and answers to them. Some of the questions asked during the face-to-face interview at the European Agency for Safety and Health are listed below.

Questions Posed at the In-person Interview at the EU-OSHA Are as Follows:

  • What qualities do you possess to perform your job well?
  • What is your usual role in a team?
  • Do you have an experience with lead standard and Blood Borne Pathogens?  
  • Have you ever investigated accidents? 
  • Do you know what OSHA, ANSI, ASTM, ASSE, NEC, and NFPA stand for and what these organizations do? 
  • Are you comfortable writing and filing reports?  
  • What is the Freedom of Information Act? Can you provide us with any exemptions, if any?  
  • What computer programs are you familiar with?  
  • What would you do if you are denied entry into a business?

Think over these and similar questions and come up with smart answers to them. It is also important to read substantially about the EU-OSHA because many interview questions will be about the organization and its activities. Go to the EU-OSHA website and read about its mission, goals, and activities. If you come to your interview equipped with the deep knowledge about the organization, you will achieve success.

What Tests Are Administered by the EU-OSHA?

There may be different tests offered as a part of applicants’ pre-employment assessment at Eu-OSHA. Which test you are going to receive depends on the position for which you applied. If your role involves working more with numbers, you will be invited to pass the numerical test. If, in contrast, your position requires you to work with written documents, your potential employers may want to estimate your reading comprehension and writing skills. The test that ascertains applicants’ reading comprehension is the Verbal Reasoning Test.

The Verbal Comprehension Test

On this test, you will be asked to read a short excerpt from a test, which will appear on the left-hand side of your computer screen. On its right-hand side, you will see a list of statements made about the text. Your task is to read the test quickly and evaluate a truth-value of these statements. If you think that a statement made about the text rings true, mark it off as “True.” If the statement contradicts the information given in the text, tick it off as “False.” Note also that there may be sentences whose truth value will be difficult to determine, mainly because there will not be enough information in the test to do this. In this case, choose “Cannot Say” option. Note also that the Verbal Reasoning Test is strictly timed. You will have less than a minute to evaluate the truth value of each statement. Because of the short time limit, passing this test is challenging. Try practising with our test simulations before you show up for your examination at the EU-OSHA.

JobTestPrep devotes a lot of energy and time to developing accurate test simulations to help job candidates prepare for their pre-employment assessments. Study with our materials and secure for yourself a job position at the European Agency for Safety and Health. 

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