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Prepare for Engie with JobTestPrep

Hearing that part of the recruitment process shall be comprised of evaluation tests can be pretty stressful, since there is only a vague sense of what’s to come. Knowing this, JobTestPrep has thoughtfully put together both the closest possible tests to those most popular and trusted by companies worldwide, alongside the nonstop investigation of every company’s evaluation process. Considering the Engie interview is no less essential to your success and it too requires the acquirement of very specific skills – we have constructed the ultimate guide to handling yourself in different types of interview situations, with self-assessment tools provided.


Insider Information from One of Our Customers

'Do your homework; get as much intelligence as you can about the region/organisation you're applying to. It was an internal selection process with two sets of interviews made by senior people. Get ready for some specifics.It was a number of case studies from possible situations I might face from engineering, finance to HR management. I completed Talent Q tests and I did the preparation tests with JobTestPrep. They aren't difficult once you understand what these tests are all about.'

Cara M., Plant Manager

Gain the Test Taking Skills You Need to Pass Engie testing

Pass your Engie assessments and recruitment process with flying colours using JobTestPrep’s highly effective, in-depth PrepPacks™. Obtain access to dozens of our Engie practice tests, study guides and more by joining today!



Engie Interview Preparation

Multiple interviews for Engie positions are a common practice to give decision makers at multiple levels the opportunity to make sure that you are the right candidate for the job. Each interviewer can ask questions from different slants and points of expertise. From the initial phone interview to the final interview/presentation, JobTestPrep will make sure you are ready.

Engie Assessment Centre

The Assessment Centre is the more precise method of measuring candidates’ aptitude to the advertised position. If you are invited for a day or two to be assessed at such a centre, you will not only take tests there and have several interviews, but you will also be engaged in different activities. At the Assessment Centre, you may need to give a short presentation and participate in group discussions and case studies. You may also do role playing and show your skills in various simulation exercises. While you are performing these activities, your behaviour becomes scrutinized and evaluated by assessors who by the end of the assessment day will exchange their opinions about your performance and will give you a score. There are many professional qualities that you will need to demonstrate to receive a high score. Among them are leadership and abilities to communicate well and solve problems quickly. You should also work successfully in a team and know how to achieve productive, quick results. Competition among job applicants invited to the Assessment Centre is fierce. Applicants are eliminated at every stage of their assessment so that not everyone reaches the final interview where a hiring decision is made. Because of this strong competition, preparation for your assessment day is highly desirable. Practise with our test simulations and interview tips and increase your chances of outshining other candidates for your desired position.

Why Do Companies Include Aptitude Tests in Their Hiring Process?

Employers have long understood that applicants’ real personalities are revealed neither in their résumé nor interview. To analyze their abilities more precisely, they have decided to offer different types of aptitude tests to their prospective employees. There are numerous types of aptitude tests, but all of them measure how well candidates perform specified tasks and react to different situations. Applicants’ scores on the aptitude test are not measured by the number of correctly answered questions. How well they have done on the test is estimated relative to the scores of other candidates being tested at the same time. It is crucial, therefore, to prepare for the Aptitude Test in advance. Check out our all-inclusive resources and outperform your competitors at your pre-employment assessment.

What Scoring Method Is Used on the Verbal Reasoning Test?

The Verbal Reasoning Test is scored as the majority of pre-employment tests are scored these days. Your score is not counted by the number of the questions you answered correctly. Your Verbal Reasoning Test is rather evaluated relative to the results of other applicants who are applying for positions similar to yours or who are already doing the job for which you applied. Weighing your results against those of other candidates allows employers to choose the best candidates in the existing applicant pool. Yet while employers can only benefit from this scoring method, it may cost applicants a position. The problem is that even if you receive an objectively high score on your Verbal Reasoning Test, such as 92%, for example, it may appear insufficient when compared to scores of other applicants who did better. If other jobs candidates get 93% on the Verbal Reasoning Test, your score will be considered low. Because your success on the pre-employment test hinges so conspicuously on the scores of others, it is essential to outdo them on the exam. Practice will make this possible. Study with our exclusive resources and make other candidates look less successful by comparison.

What Does the Engie Personality Assessment Measure?

This assessment is used to measure certain job-specific personality traits sought after by Engie. It should be noted that although there are technically no right or wrong answers in a personality assessment, certain responses can negatively impact your overall workplace personality profile. If in the end, your profile happens to be a match for the position being offered, you are more likely to be offered the job.

Which Traits Does the Situational Judgement Test Judge?

If you are a critical thinker and can make strong and accurate judgement calls, the Situational Judgement Test will give you the opportunity to prove yourself to your future employer. Moreover, the SJT assesses your behavioural traits, so the Engie hiring manager will know if you have the right temperament for both the office and the position in question. During the course of the test, you will be asked to choose from a single answer to multi-layer solutions to solve realistic office conflict scenarios in a multiple-choice format.

What Is the Numerical Series Test?

The Numerical Series Test asks you to find an omitted number in a sequence. What is important for solving tasks on this test is to understand the value of the interval between numbers. The questions posed on the Numerical Series Test usually consist of four visible numbers and one missing number. Check the arithmetic relationship between numbers and then look at intervals between them. You will find multiplications and divisions used in given sequences.

How Are Assessment Centre Interviews Conducted?

On the one hand, an interview at an assessment centre is conducted in a similar manner to a regular interview that would be held in an office. You can expect competency-based, situational, and, perhaps, technical questions, but the format will vary. First, assessment centre interviews are held in between tasks, as job applicants pass or fail, individuals are selected based on performance for an interview. After several rounds, someone (or multiple people) may be hired. Moreover, you may be asked to make a presentation or role play in a group interview, which is unique to assessment centre interviews.

What Is The Engie Hiring Process Like?

The Engie hiring process includes a number of interviews and assessment tests which are used to determine and review your specific skills and abilities. If your competencies are a match for Engie’s standards, you are likely to be offered the vacant position.


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