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YHow to Prepare for Endeavor Foundation's Recruitment Process?

The pre-employment procedure at Endeavor Foundation can be different for each and every position. These are the basic and main steps: 

  • Online application: Verify that your CV is correct and well-written, and send it to the job that interests you.
  • Email: You will receive an email with questions about your relevant experience, certificates, and permits.
  • Phone conversation: The HR manager will call you for an interview, and to schedule an onsite meeting.
  • Onsite interview: A meeting with the professional manager/s.
  • Exams: You may be asked to take the CEB SHL test, and other exams.
  • Assessment centre: If you are invited for an assessment day, you will probably engage in various group activities, such as discussion, role-playing, case studies, in-tray & group exercises, and presentation. Also, there may be tests and interviews. 

Aptitude Tests at Endeavor Foundation

A crucial test can be: 

  • CEB SHL: CEB SHL gives you preparation for the verbal, numerical, inductive, and personality tests, as well as assessment centre exercises. Get more familiar with CEB SHL

The following assessments might be part of the process as well: 

  • Logical: Evaluates your intellectual potential.
  • SJT: The Situational Judgment Test, or SJT, gives various types of conflicts and scenarios, and asks you to select the most suitable solution for each one.
  • Excel: Tests your level and knowledge of Microsoft Excel. 

Since the exams mentioned are usually time-limited, and composed of multiple-choice questions, it is recommended to start studying now

Interview Questions at Endeavor Foundation

Getting ready for the interview is just as important as studying in advance for the assessments. Get ready for questions such as:

  • What interests you about working at Endeavor Foundation?
  • Please tell me about your experience in this field.
  • How do you deal with dissatisfied and/ or challenging customers?
  • In your opinion, which qualities make you suitable for this role? 

About Endeavor Foundation

Endeavor Foundation is a nonprofit, independent organization that helps disabled people, and currently supports more than 4,000 people. Endeavor Foundation provides real jobs, in a real working environment which is safe and supportive, for disabled people aged 15 years old and older; the service includes full and part-time employment, training and personal development at locations throughout Queensland, Western Sydney and Victoria., with experienced staff; organises many events for the customers, such as special parties and activities; invests in new technologies and partner with universities to design a suite of new learning tools with our clients in mind. While working there, you can see the difference and make a difference with the supported employees. Also, you get the chance to sharpen your customer service skills and learn about merchandising.
The organization is headquartered in Cannon Hill, Brisbane, Australia.

Why work at Endeavor Foundation?

Because the organization offers: 

Good opportunities Excellent and helpful staff
Great structure and management Good incentives for employees

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