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EE, or Everything Everywhere, is the largest mobile network operator in the UK which means it has plenty of opportunities on offer for job seekers, especially graduates. To help find the best candidates to join its growing EE graduate scheme, the company has developed a rigorous recruitment process including online tests, assessment centres and interviews.

EE Online Application

The hiring process at EE begins with an online application. You need to provide your basic details, academic and work history along with your CV. Depending on the role you are applying to, you may be asked further questions regarding your background and general interest for the role. Throughout the process, you should keep EE’s brand values in mind which are:

  • Be bold - Great influencer with new ideas. Great with change. Seals the deal, gets it done.
  • Be clear - Clear and flexible communicator. Great teacher. Open and honest.
  • Be brilliant - Great learner. Consistently delivers great work. Interested and dedicated.

EE Graduate Online Test

If you are applying to EE as a graduate, you can expect to face a series of three tests provided by CEB’s SHL. These tests consist of numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and a situational judgment test. Preparation in advance is the best way to ensure a good performance on this crucial stage so make sure you get the right practice.

Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests are used to determine if you have the necessary aptitude for the job. Each set of 3-4 questions is based on information you are given through either a graph or table. Using that information, you need to correctly answer the multiple choice questions with the help of basic maths functions. Polish up those maths skills with our SHL-style numerical reasoning practice pack to help you prepare.

Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests are used to examine your verbal aptitude, an important part of the knowledge needed for the job. In sets of 3-4 questions, you are asked questions pertaining to a short text you need to read and analyse. Each question presents a statement about the text and you need to determine if the statement is true, false or you cannot say. Fine tune your verbal analytical skills with our SHL-style verbal reasoning practice pack.

Situational Judgment Test

Situational judgment tests, a type of behavior test, are used to discern how you come to decisions in a job based environment. They find out how quickly you make judgments and what are the choices you make. In the test you are presented with a work-based situation and four possible reactions. You must choose which reaction you would most like take and which you would least likely take. Learn to navigate this tricky assessment with our practice SJT tests and tutorials.

EE Telephone Interview

Following the online assessment, you will be contacted by one of EE’s recruitment team members for a telephone interview at an agreed time. The interviewer is looking for information about you and also how well you understand the company. Be prepared to answer questions on what challenges you expect from the job and what you expect your everyday tasks to be. Familiarise yourself with EE as a company, knowing their current and expected challenges and plans for the future.

EE Assessment Day

Role Play

In the role play exercise, you must take on the role EE provides (usually reflecting the job you’re after) in a simulated situation, such as an account manager for a fictional company solving a problem for a client. All the information you need is provided and the trick is how to use it to your advantage. Keeping cool is just part of the challenge and remember that EE is looking at your performance here as an predicator of your future performance in the job. Help your overall performance with our tips on role play exercises.

Group Exercise

During the group exercise, your team is given materials detailing a business situation and problem to solve together. As an extra challenge, information is added throughout the exercise, simulating a real life work situation. Remember the EE is looking at your team working skills here more so than your ability to solve the problem correctly. Therefore, make sure to take part in the exercise but avoid being overbearing and taking over the exercise. Maneuver through this exercise like a pro with the help of our group exercise practice pack.


The final stop of the EE assessment day is the face-to-face interview. By this time, EE has a general picture of you and this is the time where both the company and candidate really get to know each other. You can expect the interview to focus on your competencies so make sure to have a list of your strengths and best qualities with examples at the ready. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about EE and the position you’re applying for. Demonstrating confidence throughout the interview can help you make a good last impression before your application is reviewed for the final time.

In Summary

A place on an EE graduate scheme is a great way to begin your career and with the help of the practice resources and tips we have gone through here, you can feel confident in making a good impression with EE and getting that prized job. Good luck!


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