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EE contact centre and retail roles are what EE’s customers see on a day to day basis. With that in mind, the company must make sure they hire the most competent and responsible candidates for the job. They explore each applicant’s behaviour through assessments and use exercises which simulate real situations to discover how each person reacts to the job. Find out more about these assessments and how you can use them to show off your best attributes with JobTestPrep.

EE Contact Centre and Retail Recruitment Process

SJT Personality Test Phone Interview Final Assessment
Contact Centre Assessment Centre
Retail In-store Assessment

EE Online Tests

Situational Judgement Test

Situational judgment tests, or SJTs, are particularly important for jobs in customer relations. The test presents work-based situations, dealing with situations between a EE representative and a customer and between staff members. You are given 3-4 different responses to the situation and you need to choose which options reflect how you are most and least likely to respond.

Personality Test

EE uses personality tests to get an in-depth look at their potential employees, helping them find the best of the bunch. The test is very lengthy as it analyses multiple personality traits, such as emotional management and dominance. While there are no right or wrong answers on a test like this, preparation can help you learn to work through the test with consistency and clear up those confusing questions.

Work through our free personality test to get started!

EE Phone Interview

If you have a good performance on the online test, the next stage is a phone interview. This is a chance for EE to get to know you better as a candidate and you can expect both competency questions and queries about your background and work experience. Make sure to have your CV on hand and make note of any examples where you have showed skills EE values.

EE Retail: In-Store Assessment

For retail roles, you may be asked to attend an in-store assessment, which comprises of two stages. The first is a competency-based interview and pre-prepared sales pitch that takes around 45 minutes. The second stage includes a product challenge and short role-play exercise that takes around 1 hour 15 minutes. Details of both stages will be sent to you beforehand.

EE Contact Centre: Assessment Day

For head office and contact centre roles, you may be asked to visit an assessment centre. Again, this will take no longer than 1 hour 15 minutes and details of what is required should be provided beforehand. However, as with all job interviews, it is imperative you prepare by doing more research about EE and the position you have applied for and get ready for your interview, as well as any other information you want to find out.

In Summary

EE’s contact centre and retail roles are a key ingredient in the company’s success and therefore recruiters are only looking for the top candidates. Make sure you make it onto this list by preparing for the EE’s online tests, assessments and interview beforehand with the materials we have laid out here. Good luck!

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