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Prepare for ECCO with JobTestPrep

Are you ready to outpace the competition and win over your future employer at ECCO? With our one of a kind PrepPacks™ you will get the information and practice you need with advanced study guides and more. Start practising and get ready to propel your career even higher.


The Right Preparation Tool is Key to Passing Your ECCO Tests

JobTestPrep packs are designed to help you raise the bar in terms of knowledge and knowhow to pass your ECCO tests with confidence and ease. With a wide range of online practice tests, score reports, and answer explanations you will be on your way to edging out the competition, passing your Cubiks-style test and making it to the interview stage.


ECCO Interview Policy

The ECCO interview process may include more than one type of interview, with the initial screening interview taking place over the phone. After the screening interview and assessment tests, you may be invited by ECCO to participate in a face-to-face interview which may be held either in a one-on-one setting or in a panel/ group. Each interview will allow you to expand upon your CV/ resume and to highlight why you feel that you will be the right fit for ECCO and the job description.

ECCO Assessment Centre Objective

Inviting job candidates to an Assessment Centre has lately become a highly popular method of weeding out unsuitable applicants. More and more companies are switching to this kind of assessment because they think that neither tests nor interviews alone construct a full picture of a candidate’s professional skills and personality. At the Assessment Centre, employers conduct a deeper and more complete measurement of candidates’ professionalism, because there they participate in various activities instead of just taking a test or conversing with interviewers. During a day or two of their assessment, job applicants make short presentations, discuss various issues and problems in groups, participate in case studies and simulation exercises, and engage in role-playing. During these activities, they are expected to demonstrate different qualities that will prove indispensable in their future work: leadership, excellent communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and a talent for working harmoniously and productively in teams. While job applicants are participating in various activities, they are closely watched by several assessors evaluating their performance. Those people whom assessors deem incompetent are sent home at any stage of the assessment. Not many job candidates remain until the end of the assessment process and have the final interview during which employers’ hiring decision is being made. Only the most promising prospective employees are invited for the final interview. To become one of them and sail through the assessment process with success, you need to come to the Assessment Centre well prepared. Let us lend a helping hand to you and offer you our high-quality test simulations supplied with detailed study guides and answer keys. Our interview preparation will aid you in building up an impressive personality profile and leaving a favourable, lasting impression on your interviewers. Practise with our exclusive resources and turn your evaluation in the Assessment Center into a rewarding experience.

What Questions Are Asked During the Phone Interview?

On the phone interview, you may be asked about your educational background and working history. You may also talk about your career goals. Be prepared to walk through your résumé with your interviewer and talk about companies for which you worked previously and why you decided to leave your last job place. In return, your interviewer may talk to you about the benefits you will receive, if you become employed.

Why Is a CV and Interview Not Enough for ECCO to Base a Decision?

It is easy to stretch the truth on a CV and prepare great answers for a one on one interview about what you did for another company, success rates and so on. However, proving your skills in a real-time simulation like building an effective excel list or coming up with innovative solutions on a time limit is more difficult to fake. The tests allow your future employer to gauge your skill in real time

What Activities Are Performed During the Assessment Day?

If you are invited to the Assessment Centre, you may be asked to make a short presentation on the subject given to you beforehand. You will also participate in group discussions and case studies. Other activities in which you will be invited to take part are simulation exercises and role-playing. In addition, there are also individual tasks. You will need to pass tests and personality assessments and have one or two interviews with your prospective managers.

Explain the Situational Judgement Test?

The SJT has grown in popularity in recent years due to its ability to offer realistic workplace scenarios affording test-takers the chance to show off their behavioural and cognitive skills. The company must have a solid psychological assessment on which to base their decision to hire you or not

Why Is It Necessary to Study for My ECCO Numerical Assessment?

The ECCO numerical assessment is bound to face you with numerical concepts you may not have used in many years. It is crucial to brush up on these concepts and skills in order to pass the test and ultimately to be considered for the position. JobTestPrep's Ecco Cubiks test practice resources are designed to provide you with all the tools you need for success. 


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