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Although known as an airline, easyJet has many positions that are necessary to complete on the ground. To this end they have an extensive graduate scheme in many different fields including Finance, Operations, Engineering, and Corporate communications among others. At easyJet, there is a great atmosphere among the employees and a great stress is put of creating a strong team ethic within.

The easyJet Online Application Form

The first step towards receiving an offer from easyJet is the online application form. This actually has a few different sections to it including the requirement to complete a short Situational Judgement Test, an SJT. You will be presented with a number of different situations that you can expect to occur in the job itself. There are three different reactions to choose from and you have to select the one that is most suited to your personality. This is more tricky than it sounds as although you may feel that one option is better than the other, this may not be the answer that easyJet want its’ workers to do. Learning how to answer these questions in the correct manner is a skill that can be taught and here at JobTestPrep we have an SJT package that contains practise materials with full explanations along with a guide to understanding how they work.

As well as this, you are also required to upload a CV and cover letter addressing why you are a great candidate for the easyJet graduate scheme. In order to really show yourself in the best possible light you need to include the key competencies and values of the company in both the CV and cover letter. These values are:

  • Safety: Ensuring complete safety. Even though you will not be in the air, you need to ensure that from your end, everything is as safe as it possibly can be.
  • Integrity: Standing by your word and being strong enough to say so even in the face of disagreement.
  • Passion: Doing the job with energy, always looking to be the best.
  • Pioneering: Finding new ways of being profitable whilst making travel easy.
  • One team: Whatever problem crops up, there is always a solution if we work together.
  • Simplicity: Concentrate on things that really matter.

Learning how to incorporate these values is a skill that is difficult to master so here at JobTestPrep we have a CV and cover letter package that is aimed at helping you produce the best possible material you can with your qualifications and skills.

easyJet Online Ability Tests

If your online application meets the standards that easyJet expect, you will be invited to sit a series of easyJet online tests that is provided by cut-e (Aon), one of the up and coming psychometric testing companies. There are five different tests that you need to come through in order to get through to the next stage of the application process.


This easyJet online test will present you with a number of different competencies such as “I believe in teamwork.” You need to rate each of these on a six point scale. This test is a personality test where your personal “fit” of the company is assessed. This test is untimed and there are close to 150 different statements that you have to rate. Learn how we can help you here.

easyJet Numerical Reasoning Test

In this test you will be presented with six different tabs with interrelated numerical information in the form of tables and graphs. Based on this information you have to answer 37 questions within a 12 minute period. This is an enormous amount of questions to answer in such a short amount of time. It is therefore imperative that you are fully cognisant of the test layout and format in order to focus your energies on the actual test rather than the layout. Hence it is very important to practise for this test. Prepare for your cut-e (Aon) numerical test with our specially designed cut-e (Aon) numerical practice tests.  

easyJet Verbal Reasoning Test

In this test you will have 12 minutes to answer 49 multiple-choice questions that are based on five different passages. You are given a statement that is based on the passage and you have to select if the statement is true, false, or impossible to say based on the information given in the passage. 49 questions to answer in such a short amount of time is difficult for two main reasons. Firstly, having to answer each question in under 10 seconds means that you are going to have to work very fast. As well as this problem, there is the mental stress that you are under to complete the test. This can in fact be more debilitating than the actual test itself. The way to overcome these major hurdles is to practise taking similar tests whilst working under time pressure. Learn more about and prepare for your cut-e (Aon) verbal test with our cut-e (Aon) verbal tests practice pack

easyJet Rules

This test is an abstract reasoning test where you are a given a set of objects and you have to spot the relationship between each of the items. You then need to identify the odd one out in the sequence. Often known as the most famous IQ test, this easyJet ability test gives you 20 questions to answer in just five minutes. Therefore a full understanding of this test is essential before you actually take the test. Find out more about the cut-e (Aon) discovering rules test here.  

easyJet Information Competence Test

In this test you have to contend with a work like experience in the form of a in-tray exercise. You will be presented with numerous emails that you have to rate and respond to. You have to deal with an enormous amount of emails in the time you are given and you have to do so with an understanding of what you need to do with them. Practising for this type of test is very important and here at JobTestPrep we have a package that suits your needs. Find out more here.

For information on the next stages of the easyJet graduate program, including tips on how to succeed at the easyJet graduate assessment centre and interview click here.


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