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About JobTestPrep’s Dow Chemicals Cubiks-Style Packs

Make sure you top the competition with JobTestPrep's preparation packs before starting the Dow Chemicals recruitment process. Our comprehensive range of packs will provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to ace the application, test and interview process no matter the position you are going for.

Dow Chemicals Logiks Intermediate-Style test

Cubiks logiks general intermediate contains 3 sections, 4 minutes each:

Verbal- this section contains 24 questions which divided to 3 styles of questions:

  • Formal logic- you need to decide if the statement can be deduced from the two rules that were mention above it.
  • Vocabulary- questions regarding antonymous and synonyms.
  • Analogies- you need to find the word that will complete the relationship with the word at the question as the two words above it.

Numerical- this section contains 16 questions at the following topics:

  • Number series
  • Word problems
  • Algebra
  • Equation completion

Abstract- 10 figural series questions in which you need to find the figure that completes the series.

Dow Chemicals Logiks Advanced-Style tests

This section of the Logiks test assesses the examinee’s ability to discern patterns in a visual series, and find the next item in the series according to the pattern, among five possible options.

It is a speedy test, and consists of ten questions that need to be completed in four minutes.

To successfully pass the test, you should practice as many questions as possible. First, to become familiar with all the different possible rules and patterns and find the correct answer, and second, to be able to do that quickly.

PAPI3-Style (Personality and Preference Inventory) Test

The Personality and Preference Inventory (PAPI 3) was created by Cubiks and is considered the industry’s leading personality assessment. It helps assess a candidate or employee by exploring his or her personality and preferred work style. In addition, it helps employers identify, select, and develop the type of employees a company needs.

The PAPI 3 is available in a wide range of languages and formats. Two specific test types are the leadership roles test and the sales position test. The PAPI can be used for all types of interviews and conversations.


Get Ready for your Dow Chemicals Cubiks-Style Test

Competition at the labor market has lately been getting more and more fierce. More and more people have been enhancing expertise in their fields, raising the bar for all job applicants. Pre-employment tests have also become more difficult, as a result. Passing them now cannot be done impromptu. You should study hard, if you want to receive high scores and become employed. At JobTestPrep, we have put forth an all-out effort to facilitate your learning process and bring you to successful completion of your assessment. Our sophisticated resources will sharpen your knowledge and skills and will help you shoot ahead of your competitors. Increase your chances of receiving a wished-for job offer by practicing with JobTestPrep’s tests, drills, and study guides.


Dow Chemicals Interview Policy

Dow Chemicals will most likely begin with a screening interview phone call. After seeing that your resume fits the bill, a representative will call you to ask a series of brief background and technical questions to further weed out unwanted candidates. The next stage will usually entail a sit-down face to face interview where you will be asked more in-depth questions on subjects not covered during the initial phone screening or written application. Be ready for curve ball questions and open-ended question that provide your interviewer with more background info. Feel free to ask your own follow up questions to gain clarity and better focus your remarks.

Dow Chemicals Assessment Centre Proceedings

An Assessment Centre offers a more precise method of evaluating potential employees’ suitability for jobs. Employers has long come to conclusion that inviting job applicants to the Assessment Centre for a whole day or two yields more exact understanding of their professionalism and personalities than simply testing or interviewing them. Evaluating applicants during events at the Assessment Centre is more efficient because they are required to do different activities there: to participate in group discussions and role playing, make presentations, take part in social events and case studies, and pass different written tests. Combined, these activities reveal job candidates’ personality and professional aptitude more fully. Among qualities that they bring to light in candidates are analytical thinking, commercial awareness, adaptability, and leadership. For employers, inviting job applicants to the Assessment Centre minimizes the risk of hiring wrong people. Participating in difference activities at the Assessment Centre is not always a pleasant experience, however. Candidates are eliminated at every stage of the event. Not many of them, therefore, arrive to the final interview with a company’s managers that, if they are favorably impressed, may culminate in a job offer.

Frequently Asked Questions from Dow Chemicals Candidates – Let’s Dig In!

How are Verbal Reasoning Tests Scored?

Like other aptitude tests, the Verbal Reasoning Test does not have a passing score. This does not mean, however, that you cannot fail your exam. Quite the contrary, sometimes, even if you answer correctly most of given questions, you may be told that you have done badly. The reason for this stems from a peculiar system used to score applicants’ results on the Verbal Reasoning Test. When you take this test, your scores are compared to a benchmark that includes scores of other job candidates competing for similar positions in a similar field. This scoring method allows employers to evaluate your verbal skills in relation to other employees working in the position for which you applied. Such scoring may place you at a decided disadvantage, even if you answer most of the questions on the test correctly. If other job candidates with whom you are compared get more questions right, your score will be considered lower than average, no matter how few mistakes you made.

What Is the Purpose of the Dow Chemicals Personality Test?

The Dow Chemicals personality test is used to measure and understand your workplace persona. These tests will give insight into your ability to learn new information, adapt to changes, as well as cooperate with your co-workers. There are technically no right or wrong answers to these tests, however, certain answers can make or break your ability to obtain the job you are after due to their effect on your overall personality profile.

What is the Cubiks Numerical Reasoning-Style Online Test?

The Cubiks numerical test contains questions in a psychometric format that need to be completed in 25-35 minutes. In this test, you are presented with numerical data in the form of a table or a graph, followed by multiple-choice questions relating to them. Answering the questions often requires you to show basic math aptitude and to perform calculations involving fractions, percentages, ratios, and conversions. The Cubiks assessment score is comparative, relative to all the other examinees, and, as such, the scores are distributed in the bell-curve style. Only those candidates who assessment score in the highest percentile of the curve will move on to the next stage of the recruitment process.

What Do the Dow Chemicals Interview Questions Accomplish?

During your Dow Chemicals interview you can expect a wide range of questions from “tell me about yourself?” to more difficult questions like “why are you the best candidate for the position?”; You might even get some outside the box question like “Why are manhole covers round?” or “If you were hosting a dinner party and could invite three people, dead or alive, who would you invite?”. So, what is the interviewer setting out to accomplish? They want to get a sense of your skill base, knowledge, character and experience to assess if you are the right fit for the job and the company at large.

How Can I Prepare For My Dow Chemicals Cubiks-Style Tests?

JobTestPrep offers a wide range of Cubiks-style test practice materials to prepare your for the Dow Chemicals recruitment process. These materials include a number of practice tests, score reports, study guides, and more.


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