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About JobTestPrep’s DNV GL CUT E-Style Packs

JobTestPrep’s mission is to enhance your ability and chances of passing the DNV GL CUT E-assessment tests. Our enhanced PrepPacks™ will help you lay the groundwork to pass your tests with flying colours.


The Competition Is Stiff and the Questions are Tougher, So Start Prepping Now For Your DNV GL CUT-E-Test

Pass your DNV GL CUT E-assessments and recruitment process with flying colours using JobTestPrep’s highly effective, in-depth PrepPacks™. Obtain access to dozens of our CUT-E-style practice tests, study guides and more by joining today!


DNV GL Interview Preparation

DNV GL will begin their hiring process with a short phone where you will be asked about your basic skill set. In the event, the screener is satisfied you will then be invited to take pre-hiring tests, where you will prove that you have the skills you claimed in your CV and during the screening call. Upon successful completion of the DNV GL pre-hiring test, you will be invited to several rounds of sit-down interviews starting with HR and ending with the hiring manager.

Information for the DNV GL Assessment Centre

Many employers have recently decided that it is insufficient just to test and interview their prospective employees because test results and impressions made during interviews are not an altogether reliable method of predicting their future performance at work. More is needed to ascertain that a certain job candidate will make a valuable contribution to a company. At the Assessment Center, job applicants are evaluated more thoroughly: they are asked to make an oral presentation on the topics allotted to them in advance, participate in group discussions, take part in case studies and simulation exercises, and play roles according to scenarios presented to them by assessors. When they become engaged in such variable activities, job candidates reveal their professional potential more fully. To increase the fairness of evaluation, assessors take notes and give applicants points after each activity. By the end of the assessment event, employers compare their estimation of each applicant and winnow out those who scored lower. Only few job candidates arrive to the final stage of the assessment and are interviewed by their potential managers.

How Are Panel Interviews Conducted?

During the panel interview, you will face up to 7 individuals from a range of departments, including file-rank employers and mid to senior managers who will drill you to ensure you have mastery over your positions require skill-sets. You might also get questions about your favourite hobbies or even drinks, to test your personality outside the immediate work environment. Can you carry a conversation at a dinner meeting? Make sure you are technically and interpersonally right for the position.

Why Should I Prepare For the DNV GL CUT E-Tests?

Practice is key prior to taking a CUT-E-test. DNV GL uses these tests to ensure that they are hiring the right candidate who meets their standards and workplace competencies. When using our CUT E-style PrepPacks™ you will become familiar not only with the test format but also the appropriate way to respond to each question. In this way, you will surely be at an advantage over the other DNV GL candidates.

What Score Do I Need on the Pre-employment Test?

Truthfully, there is no hardline score, but rather a consensus of scores based on how the entire group of competing job seekers. Generally, test takers are invited for interviews based on score gap of even 0.5%, so just half a percentage point could be the difference between an interview or walk to the exit. Make sure you come prepared with JobTestPrep’s all-inclusive PrepPack™.

How Should I Choose My References?

You should choose your references wisely. One negative reference may undo the hard work you have done on your pre-employment tests and interviews. Be careful, therefore, to put only those people on your list of references who will speak highly of you. Also, remember that personal references are preferred less by employers than professional references. They believe that the opinion of friends and relatives are always biased and trust more references given by an applicant’s professional associations such as co-workers or teammates. Managers and supervisors are also a good choice of references, though in some companies they may be forbidden to speak about their former employees.


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