DLA Piper is one of the largest legal service providers in the world. During the selection process at DLA, candidates go through assessment and psychometric assessment testing. Find out more about these stages and how JobTestPrep can help you prepare for each test. 

DLA Piper Online Application Form

The first thing to do after selecting your chosen job to apply for is the online application form. This is a fairly basic application form where you will get the opportunity to upload your CV as well as answer some competency questions. With regard to these questions it is your first chance to show DLA Piper that you have what it takes to do a great job at the company. It is important that you incorporate the key competencies of the company into your answers. This shows not only that you have the right skills for the job but it also shows that you are motivated to work for the company.

The key competencies are:

  • Commercial awareness
  • Analytical skills
  • Leadership
  • Drive
  • Communication
  • Team skills
  • Attention to detail

The more you can demonstrate these key values the more chance you have of separating yourself from the crowd thus giving yourself the best chance of success. Read more about how to approach your application form with our law firm application forms blog. 

If you are successful in this stage of the application process you will move on to the next stage of the application process, the DLA Piper interview.

The DLA Piper Interview

As opposed to many firms, DLA do not hold telephone interviews but rather a first interview will be held in one of their offices dotted around the country. This interview will be held most commonly with a director as well as one member of the HR team. This 30 minute interview is competency based and generally the interviewers really try hard to make you feel comfortable. Make sure that you know your application back to front as they will ask you to describe your entire work experience and what you were involved in.

Some DLA Piper interview questions include:

  • Why do want to go into law?
  • Why did you apply to DLA Piper?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
  • What is your greatest achievement?

You are also given some situational judgement questions as well. These are typically along the lines of: You are in charge of organising an event and you've just discovered that the keynote speaker has lost his voice. What do you do? Find out how to answer these types of questions here.

As well as this you will be given a tour of the building. Make sure you show your enthusiasm for the place during this tour as it is often little things like this that push you into the position desired.

If you do well enough in the DLA Piper interview you will be invited to attend the DLA Piper assessment centre.

DLA Piper Assessment Centre

There are three main tasks you will face at the DLA Piper training contract assessment centre and we will outline them below. It is important to bear in mind that your demeanour will be assessed during the day so it is important to try and show your motivation throughout the day, even if it is long and hard. The different activities are:

  • Interview with presentation
  • Written exercises
  • Case study exercise
  • Proof reading test
  • Networking session

DLA Piper Case Study Exercise

In this exercise you will be given a short brief pertaining to a business proposition that you will have to deal with. Typical case studies are about potential mergers between two fictitious companies and there are myriad details to go through. You will then have five questions on the content and put forward your view on correct solutions. You will have 45 minutes to do this task. Find out how we can help you here.

The DLA Piper Partner Interview

This interview is much longer than your first interview and will typically last for over an hour. It will be with two different partners from different parts of the firm. The questions are very similar to the ones you faced before; in fact some of them are carbon copies. However, in this interview you will be expected to offer much more detail and reasoning behind your answers. As well as these questions you will be asked about a topical subject generally about the future of the business world as it relates to you. For this question, make sure you have read up on a particular subject in the business world, have some opinions about it and put forth some solutions and suggestions. Find out how we can help you fully prepare for this interview using our interview preparation package.

You are also asked to give a pre-prepared presentation at this interview. You will be given a topic to prepare ahead of your assessment day. Gain tips about how to prepare and deliver a successful presentation from our presentation advice pages.

The DLA Piper Proof Reading Test

In this exercise you will simply have to read through a six page contract and point out all the spelling and grammatical errors that exist in the text. You will have 15 minutes to do this. You can prepare for this test by brushing up on your simple verbal skills.

In Summary

Recruitment to DLA Piper is competitive, but by preparing properly and showing your enthusiasm for the company you will give yourself a great chance of getting that job. Good Luck.