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About the Diageo PrepPack

If you are interested in one of the Diageo jobs you should be prepared to impress your hiring managers throughout the entire Diageo recruitment process. JobTestPrep offers you the pack which contains all the important practice materials you will need to successfully complete the Diageo assessment centre, interview, and tests. Get your Diageo job by preparing with JobTestPrep.

Diageo Graduate Scheme

The Diageo graduate scheme is a multi-disciplined scheme with global opportunities. As such, the competition for the scheme is highly competitive. With adequate preparation and assistance from JobTestPrep, you can be fully prepared and will increase your chances of successfully landing the role.

The application process will involve the Diageo Assessment Centre, but first, it begins with an online application form. This will involve sending in your CV and discuss your motivation and desire to work for Diageo and join their team.

Diageo Numerical Test and Verbal Test

If the Diageo team are interested in your application they will send you online tests to complete. These tests will consist of numerical and verbal reasoning tests, provided by CEB SHL. It is critically important that you prepare for these tests. You can do this with the help of our preparation pack.

If you successfully pass these tests, you will be invited to take part in Diageo Telephone interview.


Boost Your Chances of Success on Your Diageo Assessment Centre and Tests with JobTestPrep

Getting the job with Diageo comes down to how you have prepared. By signing up with JobTestPrep, you will gain access to dozens of pre-employment practice tests, study guides and more. Join us today to beat your Diageo assessments tomorrow!


Diageo Telephone Interview

The Diageo Telephone interview will be a competency-based interview that will last approximately 45 minutes. The type of questions asked will be standard questions asking about your experience, strengths, weakness, and why Diageo. The interview will be more like a conversation and the interviewer will want you to be open and come across as sounding confident. It is important to prepare for this interview and with JobTestPrep’s help, we can ensure that you are ready.

Diageo Assessment Centre

If your telephone interview performance was good and Diageo were impressed, they will invite you to attend the Diageo Assessment Centre. This will be a half-day course. The exercises which you will need to take part in will involve group work, role-play, a presentation, and a further interview. You can prepare for all these exercises with JobTestPrep’s assistance.

  • Group exercise - This will be similar to a case study exercise where your group will discuss a particular situation, but there will be a requirement for improvisation: the situation exists in a fictitious country with unusual rules in place. You will need to demonstrate your adaptability.
  • Role-play exercise - This will involve a crisis situation where you will be required to think quickly on your feet. There is no need to panic because you will have the opportunity to work as a team and together, think of possible solutions to the problem.
  • Presentation - For this exercise, you will be required to discuss the outcome of your group work.
  • Interview - This interview will last around 45-50 minutes. It will be mostly competency based and you will be expected to discuss why you think you should be selected for Diageo. Preparation is the key and you should make use of JobTestPrep’s interview guide. 

If you've managed to convince Diageo that you are right for the position you will be informed within a few days. Good Luck.


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