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Prepare for DeVere Group's Tests

The are many stages prior to receiving job offer within the Trainee Wealth Advisor graduate scheme. These stages include:

  • Application Process: To begin you will need to go to the DeVere Group website and fill out the information form on the graduate programme page. From there, you may be invited to participate in a webinar.
  • Psychometric Tests: As part of the application process, you will be invited to take one or more online aptitude tests.
  • First Interview: If you have passed the initial testing session, you will be contacted to take part in a phone or Skype interview. Your first interview will likely be used as further screening to ensure that you are the right candidate to move on to the next stage. The first interview is often conducted by the Head of the International Graduate Programme.
  • Assessment Centre: During the assessment centre or assessment day, you will meet with other applicants vying for a position in the training programme. Prepare to participate in several group activities and an impromptu presentation.
  • Final Interviews: Your final interview or interviews will be held face-to-face, oftentimes as part of the assessment centre. You may have more than one interview held back-to-back.

DeVere Group’s Aptitude Tests

The assessments used by DeVere Group have been designed to determine your work persona, as well as your proficiency with numerical concepts. There are many other layers to the pre-hire entrance exam including abstract and logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, etc.

JobTestPrep’s comprehensive preparation materials will give you the edge you need to face these exams with confidence and ease and allow you to transcend the other applicants.

Give yourself an edge - begin practising today!

DeVere Group’s Interview Questions

Being considered for one of the limited vacancies in the DeVere Group graduate scheme comes down to not only how you have prepared for your pre-employment exams, but also your interviews. Below are you will find several sample questions often posed to potential Trainee Wealth Advisors:

  • Why have you applied to this programme?
  • What are your short-term and long-term goals for this programme?
  • How do you deal with stressful situations?




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