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Dentons Application Process

Dentons hiring process is designed to help the recruitment team choose the people who they feel will most benefit the firm. This page will look at each stage of the Dentons recruitment process, and discuss what you need to prepare at each point. We will focus on people applying to the Dentons trainee contract as it is the most comprehensive application process. However, most information applies to the Dentons solicitors assessments.

Dentons Online Application Form

The online application form is the first opportunity you will have to impress the Dentons recruitment team. Applications are assessed on a rolling basis as they come it, so it is best to submit your application as early as possible. 

Other than the standard requests for information, the application form asks you to answer a few more detailed questions about yourself, including your extracurricular activities and responsibilities; personal achievements and qualifications; about your career motivation - why a commercial solicitor, why this company; and to explain your choice of degree and university. The Dentons application form is that all important first door into the process, and you have to make it count. As there is no CV attached to the application form, what you answer has to be able to give over the information you think is necessary. Our law firm application forms blog provides advice and tips for every section. 

Dentons Watson Glaser Test

If your application goes through the next stage, you will be invited to sit the online Dentons critical thinking test. This test is unlike any other test you will sit, and is designed to assess your verbal reasoning and analytical skills. The Dentons Watson Glaser test will test you on five key areas:

  • Drawing inferences
  • Recognising assumptions
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Logical interpretation
  • Argument evaluation

If you meet the benchmark percentile in the Dentons critical thinking test, you will be invited to an interview with a member of the Dentons Graduate Recruitment team. As this test is probably unlike any other test you have taken in the past, it’s important to know what to expect and how best to handle it. Our Critical Thinking PrepPack™ is perfectly suited to this as it contains sample questions, full answer explanations. This will give you a strong foundation and understanding of the test, which will allow you to take it confidently and hopefully get a good enough score to pass to the next Dentons recruitment stage.

Dentons Aptitude Tests

As part of the hiring process, you may be required to complete various Cubiks aptitude tests that measure your numerical and verbal abilities. Start practising with JobTestPrep's Cubiks PrepPack and land your desired position.


Top Preparation Resources for Dentons Hiring Process

Take advantage of JobTestPrep's decades-long experience in preparing candidates for their recruitment process. For best results sign up immediately and unlock the best resources for Dentons pre-employment preparation! Start practising and land your dream job.


Dentons Interview

The next stage is the Dentons interview. This is a good opportunity to expand on the Dentons application form since this interview will be a competency-based interview. They are looking for you to tell them about your skills, aptitudes and personality, how you perform in a team, and how you would contribute to the firm if you worked with them. You are expected to illustrate your answers with examples from your past experience. The best way to do this is by using the STAR method. The Dentons interview is an opportunity for you to expand on your application form, and for them to learn more about your abilities. Preparation is vital for this and all interviews. You can ace the real-life interview with JobTestPrep's interview preparation package. If you meet the criteria during this interview, you will be offered a place on the Dentons vacation scheme.

Dentons Assessment Centre

The final stage of the hiring process is the Dentons assessment day. This will be held on the final day of your Dentons vacation scheme or on a separate date following the previous Dentons interview if you have applied solely for the Dentons training contract.

The case study will be business or commerce related. You have a limited amount of time to analyse information on a commercial, but non-legal context, and prepare and deliver a presentation. The aim of this exercise is to assess your ability to analyse information, reach conclusions, generate ideas and present findings. The partners will ask you about your presentation, and about what you did and did not say. Preparing a case study for the Dentons presentation uses a variety of skills. You can brush up on those skills with JobTestPrep’s case study package. For tips on how to give over the Dentons presentation, see the discussion on presentations on the JobTestPrep blog.

The Dentons interview with partners is a more informal interview. The partners will ask you questions about what they want to know from you, for example:

  • They may ask you about the information on your Dentons application, so make sure you have reviewed it recently.
  • Tell us about something you have read in the financial press that interests you? Why?
  • Give us your opinions on a recent case you have read about.
  • Tell us why you want to work in commercial law, and why do you want to be a Dentons employee?

Make sure you are up to date with the news. The Dentons interview questions can be challenging, and you will want to make a good impression. The point of this is to give an idea of what it could be like to be a Dentons solicitor.

Dentons Solicitors

Dentons is a large multinational firm with offices around the world. There are two offices you can apply to in the UK, one in London, the second in Milton Keynes, each of which will suit different types of workers, although the application process is the same for both offices. We have guided you through the stages of your application, providing information about the resources available from JobTestPrep to help you prepare before and during this process. Invest in your future by using our materials to prepare for your assessments.


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