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Dell Internships

When thinking about starting a Dell Internship it is important to first get a sense of what you would like to do at Dell. As you will out your forms, Dell is interested to know why they should take you and how your experiences will enrich the company. So, choose an area of expertise from Engineering & Computer Science to Global Sales & Business Operations and Marketing (among other categories) and prove that you have the skill sets to contribute. The applications are filled out via the company website.

The Dell Test

Here are several tests that Dell will administer throughout the hiring process.

Numerical Reasoning Test

Questions are all based on tables and graphs shown in six separate sheets of data. Arriving at a conclusion requires finding the relevant datasheet and then interpreting the data correctly. The test has a tight time frame with 37 questions to be completed in 12 minutes.

Verbal Reasoning Test

Six texts are given in separate tabs, from which logical conclusions need to be drawn to answer the questions. Each question is a statement that can be true according to the data, false, or the information is insufficient to decide. The relevant information to evaluate each statement needs to be located first in one of the texts each time. You will have 12 minutes to answer 49 questions.

Prepare for the Dell Hiring Process with JobTestPrep

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Dell Interview Questions for Thought

  • Q: Why have you chosen Dell?
  • A: When answering this question try to show the hiring manager how you identify with the strong points of the company, that their values are your values. Like the level of customer service.
  • Q: Give an example of a weakness you have?
  • A: Everyone hates this question, but talk about your professional skills and how you are actively working to increase your abilities. For instance, if you a programmer and struggle with a specific tech skill show how you resourcefully find materials to boost your skills.
  • Q: What will you accomplish here during your first 90 Days?
  • A: Let them know you will work hard to integrate with your peers, learn to modify your work habits and methods to match company norms and bring great enthusiasm to your team.


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