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About Cummins PrepPacks™

Succeeding in the Cummins application process can be a real challenge. With the support of JobTestPrep's PrepPacks, you can greatly sharpen your skills and increase the chances of receiving that long-awaited job offer. We offer a variety of different packs to help you succeed in the Cummins recruitment process.

Cummins CEB SHL-Style Mechanical Comprehension Test

Mechanical comprehension or reasoning tests assess a candidate's knowledge of machinery and other physical concepts. Common topics include forces and motion, energy, electrical circuits, voltages, and currents. The tests focus less on extensive academic knowledge, and more on a good understanding of the underlying concepts. More advanced tests may also require higher levels of analysis, including limited numerical calculations and an industry-specific context. Practicing mechanical reasoning questions is important, as becoming familiar with the structure of the test inspires confidence and results in higher test scores.

Cummins CEB SHL-Style Numerical Reasoning Tests

The term 'numerical reasoning' is rather broad, but it generally refers to tests in which more than just basic arithmetic is involved. There are four major topics covered on these tests – word problems, number series, tables and graphs, and sufficiency questions.

Cummins CEB SHL-Style Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal reasoning tests examine you on a range of English skills. These skills can be broken down into the following groups: Vocabulary, Grammar, Comprehension, and Critical Reasoning. Vocabulary assessments test your understanding of the words that are used in your line of work. This is measured through various assessments, such as mixed sentences tests, complete the sentence tests, spelling tests, and more. Grammar tests examine your understanding of English grammar and your ability to recognise good or bad grammar. Comprehension tests are designed to measure your ability to understand written information, analyse it, and interpret what you have read to answer questions. Critical Reasoning tests measure how you analyse the information in front of you.

Cummins CEB SHL-Style Logical Reasoning Tests

Like other logical reasoning tests, CEB's SHL inductive reasoning test introduces you to questions your schooling or work experience may not have prepared you for. This is why many people find it to be one of the most difficult and intimidating tests delivered by SHL.

On this test, you will face a line of different figures that can be shapes, arrows, lines, etc. There is an underlying pattern running through the sequence, and you must discover the rule or rules governing them. Using this rule, you must select the missing shape in the sequence. The questions may take the form of a simple row of figures or they may be in a matrix setup. Here you can look through some examples of a logical reasoning test.

Cummins CEB SHL-Style OPQ32 Personality Test

The test is consists of a maximum of 104 questions which evaluates 32 specific personality characteristics. It is highly complex and is administered on a computer. The candidate is presented with a block of four statements and must select which of the statements best describes him the most and the least. For example: Choose ONE statement that is 'Most' and one that is 'Least' like you:

  • I really like to help others.
  • I work best in teams.
  • I like to get things exactly right.
  • I sustain high levels of energy.

Cummins SJT Competency Based Assessment

SJT Competency-Based Assessments display realistic conflicts and situations which are likely to arise in your work routine and provide potential responses to resolution. Candidates are requested to choose, rate or rank-order these responses. SJTs measure desired competencies and skills.

You should select a preferred method of action out of the options. You are encouraged to choose your responses based on intuition spontaneously; however, analysing the scenarios and choosing responses that stress your skills will allow you to present yourself more accurately on the test.


Start Practising for the Manufacturing Industry Tests

JobTestPrep wants to help candidates get employed. We have created a large number of tests most frequently employed by companies as a part of their hiring processes. Our practice assessments will sharpen your cognitive abilities and advance your professional skills so well that you will pass your tests with ease, even though they may contain new tasks and exercises. JobTestPrep's generic packs of tests also offer detailed study guides and answer keys to enable you to recognise your weak points and boost your efforts to eliminate them. Practicing with our resources will open you the door to a successful career at the company.


Cummins Interview & Assessment Centre

In your interview with Cummins, you should be ready for questions tackling on your competencies, such as collaboration, problem-solving, and customer relations. Come prepared with answers about your experience addressing situations which relate to key competencies relating to your Cummins. Use our Interview PrepPack™ to practice answering interview questions and to ensure a stellar performance during your Cummins interview.

An additional tool to filter applicants is the assessment centre. You are evaluated by different assessment centre exercises which are both individual and group tasks. These exercises may include an aptitude test, a role-play, a case study, a presentation and an interview. This assessment gives your prospective employer a rounded profile of your abilities and an insight into your performance in a work environment. The assessment day is either at a hired venue or the company campus.

Frequently Asked Questions by Cummins Candidates

How Are Cummins CEB SHL-Style Tests Scored?

When you submit a Cummins aptitude test, your answers are first measured against the correct answers. Then, your correct answers are counted, and the rate of correct answers is calculated.Cummins CEB SHL-style aptitude tests have multiple-choice questions.  The possible marks for each question are correct, incorrect, and unanswered. 

How Can I Prepare for My Cummins SJT?

Before taking the test read about the employer. Companies usually publish an agenda or highlight in their publications their views of service and sales. Try to find out the competencies that are highly valued by the employer in the position you are applying for.

What is the Best way to Present my Answers in Cummins Interview?

In your interview, you should present your answers using the STAR method: situation, task, action, result. This is the most preferred way of answering questions as it presents your answers in a real-life situation which really engages the interviewer.

Should I Come Prepared for Cummins Tests?

JobTestPrep is committed to providing high-quality services to prepare you for your approaching interviews and online aptitude tests. Start practising now with our numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning tests and improve your chances of being selected to work at Cummins.

What is Cummins Hiring Process Like?

Cummins recruitment processes are similar for each type of recruitment, still,  the exercises you will face are based on the level you are applying to. There are also some differences at each level between technical recruitment and business roles. You can be requested to complete aptitude tests, interviews, and to attend an assessment centre.

What will I Face in Cummins Assessment Centre?

There are a lot of different exercises that you will face during the day. It is therefore really important that you get a good night's sleep if possible. Remember, a relaxed mind is the best mind. Try to be friendly even if you are nervous. It is often the interaction between candidates and workers that convince the assessors that you are the right choice for the job.


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