Prepare for Cubiks Situational Judgement Test
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The reason you were asked to complete a Situational Judgement Test is to examine your suitability for your desired position and placement. The test includes a series of decision-making scenarios. You are presented with a situation followed by possible reactions. The nature of the question can also give you an idea of what your employer expects from you. 

Question Types

In Cubiks Situational Judgement Test you can encounter two types of questions. You can be requested to rank the potential responses according to their effectiveness. A different type is when you should rate each of the possible reactions. 

Time Limit for Cubiks Situational Judgement Test

Tips and Tools

To appeal with your results to your employer your answers should show that you have a thorough understanding of not only your position but also the company. Your answers should carry the values necessary for your position and the qualities your potential employer would appreciate. To achieve this result you should do your research beforehand, to have an in-depth knowledge of the requirements and company culture.  


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