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Cubiks Reasoning for Business (RfB) - Information and Practice

This set of tests are used to cover different areas of business reasoning. They are generally used for two different levels of applicants - managerial and graduate positions as well as business support positions. The tests cover a wide range of skills and are used to evaluate the potential suitability of any prospective employee by examining the candidate's reasoning skills. These tests are often administered online together.

The different tests are:
  • The Cubiks numerical test – This test comes in a variety of different formats.The test that will be administered is the test that is most closely related to the job description. You will be given approximately 1 minute for each question and it in inadvisable to ponder on any question for too long as this could negatively affect your result if you run out of time. Learn more about the business support numerical reasoning test and Graduate/MGMT numerical reasoning.
  • The Cubiks verbal reasoning test – As with the Cubiks numerical test, these come in different levels of difficulty depending on the job you have applied for. The goal of this tests is to examine your ability to infer from textual information and interpret it. In these questions, you will be given a paragraph with between four and six different facts and then given a statement. Your task is to work out if the statement is true, false, or if we are unable to deduce (cannot say) from the preceding paragraph. Learn more about the business support verbal reasoning test and the graduate/MGMT verbal reasoning test.
  • The Cubiks diagrammatic reasoning test – These series of tests assesses your ability to identify similarities and differences between groups of shapes and categorise them clearly. This test is used in the main to identify if the potential employee has the ability to take part in high-level problem solving through their use of computation and arithmetic skills in interpreting and analysing numerical data. Learn more about Cubiks Diagrammatic Reasoning Practice Tests. It is important to note that the diagrammatic reasoning test is only administered to the managerial and graduate stream and not the business support applicants.

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In Summary

As we can see, each of theses test types offers a different challenge to the candidate. In order for you to have to best chance over the competition, it is imperative to not only know what types of tests you are to take, but also to practice and get expert feedback and explanations about the logic behind different question types.

Here at JobTestPrep we offer offer the best preparation to help you maximise your potential on your assessment. Our Bundle Practice pack includes the the three different test types in both a timed and an untimed, more detailed format - including score reports, as well as video tutorials and study guides.

We look forward to helping you in your recruitment and wish you the best of luck!

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