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Understanding the Cubiks Logiks Ability and Other Tests

Select a pack above or read on to find out more about the different tests in this suite. There are five different tests that make up the Cubiks Logiks test collection. Learn about each of the tests below.

Cubiks Logiks General Intermediate

Cubiks Logiks General Intermediate pack consists of three sections: verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning. This test aims to measure your abilities in different areas. In total you should answer 50 questions in 12 minutes, each section takes four minutes to complete. In the verbal reasoning section, you should answer 24 questions in four minutes. You will be presented with a passage and you should utilise the verbal information to answer the multiple choice questions. The numerical reasoning section evaluates your ability to comprehend and make decisions based on numerical data. In this four minutes, you should answer 16 multiple-choice questions. Logical reasoning requires you to identify the relationship that makes up the series of diagram you are presented with. You should select the diagram that would fit the series. You are expected to solve 10 To successfully finish the assessment within the time-frame it is recommended you familiarise yourself with the types of questions you can encounter beforehand. Understanding the test helps you perform well and keep up with the time pressure.

Logiks General Advanced

For Logiks General Advanced assessment test you should prepare yourself to complete a verbal, a numerical and an abstract reasoning test. The verbal reasoning section assesses your ability to understand written information. You are presented with passages followed by questions referring to the text. You should answer 12 questions in eight minutes. The numerical reasoning test measures your mathematical competency. The information is provided in diagrams which you should utilise to answer the questions. You will have eight minutes to answer eight questions. Finally, you should complete 10 questions as part of the four-minute long abstract reasoning test. This section requires you to make a logical connection between the presented diagrams and select the diagram that would complete the series.

Logiks Numerical

Logiks Numerical aptitude test evaluates your mathematical and analytical skills. To solve the multiple-choice questions, you should be comfortable performing basic mathematical calculations. Graphs, pie charts, tables and other types of diagrams offer you the information you will need to identify the right answer. You should answer 20 questions in 25 minutes.

Cubiks Verbal test

Logiks Verbal assessment requires you to demonstrate your ability to quickly comprehend and utilise written information. You will receive a text which will be followed by three different multiple-choice question examining if you understood the passage. Each text differs significantly, thus, you will encounter different topics. The topics can be political, economic, scientific etc. You should prepare yourself to answer 36 questions in 25 minutes. This means within 25 minutes you should be able to familiarise yourself with 12 different passages in order to successfully answer the questions.

Logiks Abstract test

Cubiks Abstract aptitude test examines your analytical and logical thinking. You will be presented with a series of diagrams. You should identify the relationship that creates the order and so select the diagram that would complete the series. The diagrams contain different shapes and can be black or white. These should indicate the relationship between the diagrams. You will have 15 minutes to answer 30 questions.


PAPI is the abbreviation for Personality and Preference Inventory. This is an interactive test which offers your potential employer an understanding of your personality.

Cubiks E-Tray Assessment

Cubiks E-tray exercise’s primary focus is decision making, and therefore, it is common to receive this test if you are applying for a position that comes with responsibilities. As part of this assessment you have to prioritise pieces of information to demonstrate you are capable of making important decisions on the spot. You can be requested to complete an E-Tray exercise online or as part of an in-person meeting. To prepare for you E-Tray exercise utilise JobTestPrep’s customized in-tray exercise.


Prepare for Your Cubiks Tests

JobTestPrep's mission is to lead job applicants to the successful conclusion of their pre-employment process. To this end, we have been creating tailor-made PrepPacks since 1992. The PrepPacks offered here have been designed to mirror the questions and timings that you will face when you come to take any Cubiks Logiks tests. Get instant access today so you can start your preparation journey.


Companies That Use Cubiks

Company Position(s)
halma General Manager
Bayer senior scientist
DFS Supervisor
DJØF executive
Mothercare Assistant Manager
Lantmännen Unibake Business Controller
Kempen Holland



Prepare for Success

The Logiks series represents a unique challenge as they require quick analytical problem-solving skills. They judge speed and accuracy in two or three completely different topics. Preparation provides confidence, ease-of-mind, and the ability to assess your weaknesses before taking the real exam. Practise and prepare today with JobTestPrep, and apply with confidence.

JobTestPrep has all the tools you need to achieve the maximum on your Cubiks assessment test. We offer a series of practice tests, which can be taken in a timed test environment, as well as detailed answer explanations for every question. Start preparing today to succeed on your Cubiks online test and get the position you want.


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