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Prepare for Your CSC Online Tests

CSC is a global IT and technology solutions company with a range of high profile clients across the world. CSC has many diverse graduate programs for those who wish to have a career with CSC. The type of positions include business, technical, consulting, finance and HR. Each of these programs has a different career path, and recruitment to them is competitive, so it is important that you are fully prepared for the recruitment process and JobTestPrep can help you with that.

CSC Application Form

Your first introduction to CSC is through the CSC online application form. The application form asks for all the usual information about yourself, but also includes several motivation and competency questions. CSC will consider the answers you give on your application form carefully, so make sure you make them count, answer the question well, and give examples from your experience. Use the STAR method when answering competency questions to ensure that you have told the recruitment team all they want to know.

CSC Inductive Reasoning Test

The next stage of your application is the CSC inductive reasoning test provided by CEB’s SHL. The inductive reasoning test is a non-verbal aptitude test (also known as an abstract or diagrammatic reasoning test) in which you are presented with a sequence of shapes and patterns. Your task is to identify the pattern connecting them and choose the missing shape in the sequence. The purpose of this test is to assess how you work with unfamiliar information and solve problems. Look here for another example of logical reasoning questions.

CSC Telephone Interview

If you achieve a high enough score on the tests you are next invited to the CSB telephone interview. The CSC telephone interview is a 45 minute competency based interview. In this interview, the interviewer wants evidence of your skills and experience against the key competencies of the job you are applying to. They are looking for you to give examples from your previous experience when answering questions, and that you use the STAR method (situation, task, action, result) to organise your answer. Ahead of the interview, as well as preparing examples for answers, think about your interview technique as a whole with our online interview guide.

CSC Assessment Centre

The CSC Assessment Centre is a full-day event that follows on from a successful CSC telephone interview. The day will consist of three or four activities from a list of activities below as well as face to face interviews. Before Ahead of your assessment centre the CSC recruitment team will give you all the information you need about the day, including any prior preparation required.

Group Activity

These activities are designed to identify how you work in a team. In this exercise you are presented with some information to discuss in your group and come to a solution. Once a solution has been reached, you will then be required to present your findings to the assessors. Ahead of the day, consider how you want to present yourself in the group exercise and gain tips for managing your group with our group exercises page.

Case Study/ Role Play Exercise

In this exercise you are being tested on how you work through a real life work example. Past activities have included identifying the people needed to complete a project, and negotiating with a resourcing manager to get the employees you need onto your team. Discover more tips about how to approach an exercise such as this one on our case study and role plays pages.

Written Exercise

A written exercise is designed to test how you gather information and summarise it in a report or briefing for a manager. Gain tips to sharpen your written exercise skills and prepare for the test with our online written exercise preparation pack.

CSC Interview

In addition to these group exercises, you will also have an interview at the assessment centre. The face-to-face interview will involve some questions based on the presentation that you gave, in addition to some competency-based questions. It is vital that you have prepared yourself for this. This will involve making sure that you do your homework on CSC. Also, make sure that you are comfortable talking about the area of speciality you have applied to because it is likely that you may be asked some technical questions too. Think about more examples from your past to answer your competency questions. You may want to pull all your preparation together with a mock interview. Our interview preparation package can give you the interview experience as well as feedback on how to perform at your best in the interview.

In Summary

You have now reached the end of the recruitment process. If you are successful, you will be offered a job, if not, CSC has a good policy where they would welcome the opportunity to give you feedback as to why you were unsuccessful. Preparation is key to ensuring that you perform at your best at each stage of the recruitment process, and in this article we have worked to equip you with just the resources you need. We hope you have found this article useful, and good luck.

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