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The Cornwall fire and rescue service serves over half a million people with its 31 community fire stations. There are over 800 staff members of the Cornwall fire and rescue service. Here we will go through the Cornwall fire service job recruitment process for the wholetime and on-call (retained) firefighter positions. They essentially follow the same path with only very minor changes between them.

Cornwall fire service jobs are often hard to come by as recruitment is pretty irregular. Therefore when a position does become available you must try as much as you can to get it. This means being fully prepared for the challenges of all stages of Cornwall fire and rescue service recruitment.


Cornwall Fire Brigade Job Application

The Cornwall fire brigade job recruitment process has a few different stages. We will outline these below. However, it is important to bear in mind that you can excel at every single stage if you prepare. The stages are as follows:


You have to complete a detailed application form for Cornwall fire service jobs. There are six sections to this application form including your employment history and references. As well as this you have to confirm that you observe the values of the Cornwall fire and rescue service. These are:

  • Service to the community
  • People
  • Diversity and Improvement

Ensure that you carefully follow the instructions given as it would be a shame to fall at this stage due to a simple oversight. You should try to include the firefighter Personal Qualities and Attributes, the PQAs, to present your skills in the best possible light.

Firefighter Ability Tests

If you come through short listing, you will be invited to one of the Cornwall fire and rescue service HQs to take the firefighter written tests. These tests assess your numerical, verbal and thinking skills and will take around four hours to complete. There are four tests in this section of the recruitment process and are:

Firefighter Fitness and Physical Tests

These are a series of challenges to ensure that you have the physical capability to be a firefighter. There are seven physical tests in this section including a ladder climb, a test of your ability to work with equipment, an enclosed space exercise and more. As well as this you must pass a fitness bleep test, running between two lines 20 metres apart within a set period of time. You must get to the level of 8.6 which is approximately 1.5 km in 10 minutes.

Firefighter Interview

This interview is held with two people who take it in turns to ask you various questions relating to the Personal Qualities and Attributes, the PQAs. This interview generally lasts one hour. Make sure you know what you wrote on your application form as they are trying to gauge the accuracy of it. Answer the questions using the STAR method, presenting your answers with example situations where you have used a skill in the past in a true life situation. The questions focus on the PQAs and the key values of the Cornwall fire and rescue service. These are:

  • Aiming for excellence
  • Delivering our promises
  • Putting customers first
  • Promoting equality and diversity
  • Working together

The best way to prepare for this interview is to actually have one. At JobTestPrep we offer an interview preparation giving you full preparation for your Cornwall fire service jobs interview.

Pre-employment checks

There are a number of different checks that must be undertaken, such as a criminal history check, a reference check as well as a number of medical assessments. These include an eye sight test and full medical and fitness test.


This isn’t a Cornwall fire and rescue service recruitment step per se. If you have got to this stage you have been offered a job and now have to undergo the rigorous training that a firefighter must do. Prepare to be pushed to the limit because this is what you will need to do when tackling a blaze.

How can JobTestPrep help you?

JobTestPrep has earned a reputation of providing high quality practice materials for psychometric and aptitude testing across many fields. We offer firefighter written test practice packs to give you the best chance of success. We look forward to helping you out with your application for Cornwall fire and rescue service recruitment.


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