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About JobTestPrep’s Comair Packs

There is no need to feel intimidated by the Comair recruitment process with JobTestPrep on your side. We offer a wide range of practice materials to help you through every step of the Comair hiring process.


"The Practice Tests helped me simulate and practice actual cut-e questions like my Comair exam. This was helpful. I am very glad for preparing for this test with you."

Jon S., applicant for Reservations Manager Travel Operations position at Comair


  • 94% of applicants to Comair that practiced with JobTestPrep said the Cut-e PrepPack was essential preparation.
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Comair Cut-e-Style Online Packs

The Verbal Reasoning Tests

Cut-e's verbal reasoning tests measure your understanding and your ability to handle complex verbal information. Most verbal reasoning tests present one long passage at a time, whereas in this test you are required to handle multiple shorter passages simultaneously. Each passage is displayed in a separate sheet and only one passage is visible at a given moment. The questions are statements you need to evaluate based on the relevant passage. A statement can be true, false, or the provided information is insufficient to arrive at a firm conclusion. To make that decision, you need to draw precise conclusions from the text, and figure out which sheet contains the relevant information for that particular statement.

The Numerical Reasoning Tests

This cut-e (Aon) test assesses your numerical abilities as well as your ability to find your way through a relatively large amount of data in a short period of time. There are six sheets with numerical data represented in graphs and tables. Each question refers to one of the charts and presents a statement based on the information in that chart. The task is to find the relevant chart and determine whether the statement is true or false based on the information, or perhaps there is not enough data to decide either way.

The Discovering Rules Tests

The cut-e (Aon) Discovering Rules test—also called 'scales ix'—is used to assess your non-verbal logical thinking. In each question a series of figures is presented. All figures but one are organised according to a certain rule, and the task is to decipher the rule and identify the odd figure. The test consists of 20 questions to be solved in five minutes. It is important to note that while such odd-one-out tests are relatively common in many assessment companies, cut-e still manage to stand out with a different style.

The CLS Tests

Cut-e’s scales cls test measures non verbal logical thinking. Two groups of tables are presented, and each table includes a series of numbers and/or letters. Once the rule governing each group of tables is identified, additional tables need to be classified into their appropriate group. There are four tables to sort per set, so if the rule is misinterpreted, more than one question may be lost. There are 12 questions (with four tables each to be answered in 12 minutes. This time limit is relatively strict, adding another layer of difficulty. Knowing what rules to look for and becoming accustomed to the strict time limit is a huge advantage when taking the real test, which should result with a higher score.

Comair Personality Tests

A strong handshake is not all you need in order to land your dream job. Comair also administer a personality test, as part of the hiring process. The tests generally range around 200 questions and give the employer a stronger sense of whether you are the right personality for the position and the company work culture at large. True, while there are no right and wrong answers, the tests are designed to measure your creativity, honesty, ethics and overall personality.


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Comair Interview Policy

A freshly printed CV and cleanly pressed suit are only part of a successful company interview. Being aware of the workplace culture and the responsibilities you will be expected to uphold in your prospective new role within the company is another component to passing the interview process successfully. Rehearsing the questions and answers you are likely to be asked throughout this process is likely to ease your mind and nerves during the interview itself.

Comair Assessment Centre Preparation

Assessment Centres have lately gained popularity in many countries as a more efficient way to select new employees. Many companies, like Comair, believe that applicants do not show their true personalities and professional qualities on tests and during interviews. More fully their professionalism is revealed in the Assessment Centre, where they are required to participate in numerous activities. Job candidates spend a day or even two days participating in group discussions, playing roles according to pre-given scenarios, making short presentations on different topics related to their jobs, engaging in social events and case studies. There is also testing in the Assessment Centre. Applicants take personality tests and various assessments evaluating their analytical skills, reading and numerical comprehension, and decision making, among other skills. Job events organized in the Assessment Centre are highly intense and may be stressful. Unsuccessful candidates are sent home after each stage of evaluation. Only few prospective employees are invited to have a conversation with Comair’s managers and become employed.

Finds Answers to the Most Asked Questions on Online Testing

What is the Cut-e Numerical Reasoning Online Test?

The Cut-e numerical test contains questions in a psychometric format that need to be completed in 25-35 minutes. In this test, you are presented with numerical data in the form of a table or a graph, followed by multiple-choice questions relating to them. Answering the questions often requires you to show basic math aptitude and to perform calculations involving fractions, percentages, ratios, and conversions. The Cut-e assessment score is comparative, relative to all the other examinees, and, as such, the scores are distributed in the bell-curve style. Only those candidates who assessment score in the highest percentile of the curve will move on to the next stage of the recruitment process.

What Should I Expect During the Comair Interview?

Most interviews include questions regarding your availability, work experience, salary expectations, what you know about the position being offered, why you would like to work for Comair, etc. During the Comair interviews it is advisable to be aware all of the potential questions you may be asked and the proper way in which to respond to each. Since aptitude tests are often part of the Comair recruitment process, it is also recommended to familiarize yourself with their formats, material, and answers. JobTestPrep’s highly specialized PrepPacks™ have been designed to cover every aspect of a given company’s recruitment process and will undoubtedly give you an advantage over the other Comair applicants.

How Can JobTestPrep Help Me Prepare for the Comair Assessment Centre?

JobTestPrep offers a number of preparation materials for the Comair assessment centre. Our Assessment Centre pack is an essential part of our Comair PrepPack™ as it contains tips on how to compose yourself while participating in the assessment centre and simulations of the sorts of activities you will be engaging in while there. The assessment centre is an important means for Comair to obtain a well-rounded profile of all participants in regard to their suitability for the position, as well as their compatibility with the company’s standards.


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