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The Coller Capital PrepPack

If you are targeting one of the Coller Capital jobs, you should start practising the assessment tests and interview that you will be required to complete as part of the Coller Capital hiring process. JobTestPrep created a Preparation Pack which contains all the practice material you will need to succeed and launch your Coller Capital carrer.

CEB SHL-Style Numerical & Verbal Reasoning Online Test

There are several different types and styles of CEB SHL reasoning tests. They range from the high level graduate/management tests to operational level. Our PrepPacks™ have been created to cover a wide spectrum of questions and test types in order to give you the complete preparation for your upcoming test.

Coller Capital Personality Test

Your Coller Capital personality test will set out to answer perhaps the most important question of all - “who are you?” During a face-to-face interview an interviewee is generally on best behavior and can skew facts, events or opinions. However, the personality tests have a built-in lie scale that will uncover inconsistencies or discrepancies in your story. Moreover, the test will factor in your skills and weaknesses both in terms of personality and technical ability as part of your overall aptitude for the position.

Coller Capital Abstract Reasoning Online Assessments

The abstract reasoning test are also known as inductive or diagrammatic reasoning and assess general intellect rather than text book knowledge. When administering this test, Coller Capital will be looking to see how you relate to new concepts and abstract ideas and can be used to asses a wide range of positions within the company. So, be creative, quick and use your fluid intelligence to solve the issues you will be confronted with on the test.


Get Ready for Your CEB SHL-Style Coller Capital Test

JobTestPrep’s CEB SHL-style Coller Capital PrepPacks™ were designed by our team of experts with your success in mind. Our highly comprehensive practice tests and study guides will give you a definite advantage in both confidence and ability throughout the length of the Coller Capital recruitment process. Start practising today!


Coller Capital Interview Procedure

The recruitment process includes several Coller Capital interviews. You should be ready to participate in Coller Capital’s telephone, video, and in-person interviews. You can expect interviews as part of the pre-screening process, the hiring process, and the assessment centre. Initial interviews allow you to elaborate on your CV and you should take this chance to stress the experiences and skills that make you qualified for your desired position. The majority of the interviews, however, have competency-based questions which you should answer by providing examples of past experiences demonstrating your aptitude for the job. Use JobTestPrep’s Interview PrepPack™ to enter your Coller Capital Interview with confidence!

What Is a Numerical Reasoning Test?

Numerical reasoning tests usually assess the ability to read, interpret, and analyse numerical data and perform calculations typically involving percentages, ratios, and currency conversions, amongst other operations. Numerical tests are most common in the financial sector, but just about any employer can use them in the graduate recruitment process. They can be given online as a pre-test or as part of the assessment centre.

Which Skill Sets Does the Situational Judgement Tests Look to Assess?

There are four major professional categories that the Coller Capital Situational Judgement Test is used to asses and measure. These are Communication skills, Teamwork, Decision making and people skills.

  • The segment on Communication skills appraises your ability to emphasize and choose the best method of communication on the individual level.
  • The segment on Teamwork measures how effectively you can encourage your team and when you know to put the team before the individual.
  • The segment on Decision Making looks to uncover your ability as a problem solver and capacity to mitigate an alleviate confrontations.
  • The segment on People Skills will focus in on how you handle feedback from your team and customers.


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