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Select the PrepPack™ You Need

How to Choose the Right PrepPack™?

Hopefully you know which test you are about to sit, if so you hardly need our help, just choose the best fit from the products above.

We have specifically-tailored comprehensive practice material for the 8 major Cognitive Ability Tests used today:

1) Cubiks Logiks
2) MMAT - McQuaig Mental Agility Test
3) GIA - Thomas International General Intelligence Assessment
4) HBRI - Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory
5) PLI - Predictive Index Learning Indicator
6) RCAT - Revelian Cognitive Ability Tests - Mainly used in Australia
7) WPT - Wonderlic Personnel Test -  Mainly used in the US
8) CCAT - Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test - Mainly used in the US



What to do if you don't know your exact test?

We advise 2 best courses of action:

1) You should try to find out from your future employer's contact person what is your specific test. If that is not possible try using our test finding wizard that can point you to the best prep bundle for you, based on our database of employer known to use the tests listed above. 

2) Alternatively you can achieve optimum preparation with maximum coverage by choosing our All-Inclusive prep bundle, which covers Cognitive Ability Tests in general using generic study material.


Short on time all inclusive preppack

Get the All-Inclusive Test Pack for Optimal Coverage



150 Hours Go into Each Tailored Pack to Bring You the Best Results

Our team of test developers includes trained psychologists and psychometric experts. We use our know-how to create the most accurate and comprehensive pre-employment test preparation on the web.

We extensively research each test topic and frequently update our prep packs to ensure that you get the most accurate and comprehensive test practice available.

Our preparation materials are used and trusted by some of the UK’s top universities and news outlets, including the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph.


Our Refund Policy

If you have any questions regarding our preparation materials after purchase, feel free to contact our customer service department. We have an efficient customer service team that is on call 24/7.

We help with anything from technical difficulties to inquiries regarding our products. If you are not satisfied or find you chose the wrong test, receive your money back guaranteed.


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