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How JobTestPrep Can Help You?

JobTestPrep does everything in its power to lead job applicants to the triumphant completion of their pre-employment assessment. Knowing how much applicants want to work in the public sector in North Africa, we have put an extra effort in developing the most exact test simulations that will give you a clear idea of what to expect on your pre-hire examination. With our simulations of the Numerical, Verbal, Abstract Reasoning Tests, you will enhance the accuracy of your calculations, comprehension of written texts, and logical thinking. These skills will prove indispensable for succeeding not only on your exam but also in your new workplace in the Civil Services sector.

Aware also of how much applicants’ behavior during their interview influences recruiters’ hiring decision, we have included in our comprehensive PrepPack™ specifically designed interview materials. They will prepare you for your upcoming interview by giving you useful tips on how to comport yourself during your conversation with your prospective employers. Our interview materials also contain smart answers to the most commonly asked interview questions along with the Personality Test.  If you go through the Personality Test, you will understand what qualities employers are looking for in their employees and will learn how to highlight these qualities during your face-to-face interview most impressively. Do not miss an opportunity to practice for your pre-hire assessment and come to it equipped with knowledge and self-assurance. Only if you practice before you come to your examination and interviews will you outshine other candidates vying with you for a position in the Civil Services sector.

What Are the Civil Services?   

Positions in the Civil Services of North Africa are covetable by many people due to higher salaries and good pensions civil servants usually receive. The desirability of jobs in the public sector makes them highly competitive. Many people aspire to be employed as public servants and thus work for the government of North Africa, subscribing to its regulations and policies. Working in the Civil Services also means that you work in areas affecting people’s every day existence; that is, you may be working in health or education departments.

A division of departments in the public sector is easy to understand. The Civil Services sector is divided into ministerial and non-ministerial departments, each of which engages employees in different activities and lays different responsibilities upon them. Note, however, that working as a civil servant requires flexibility from you, because employees in the public sector are often moved from one department to another, especially in times of political changes and political turmoil. Depending on political circumstances, the Civil Services sector gets often restructured, with the result that employees may be transferred from a ministerial to a non-ministerial department and vice versa without warning. Although relocating from one department to another may be stressful, it does not cause the loss of employment rights or benefits.

Civil Service Jobs in South Africa
South African Police Service - SAPS South African Public Servants Federal and Mogul South Africa Parliament of South Africa
Public Sector South Africa South African Qualification Authority South African Revenue Services South African Service


National Departments
Arts and Culture Basic Education Centre for Public Service and Innovation Civil Secretariat For Police
Civilian Secretariat for Police Service Communication Cooperate Governance  Correctional Services
Defence Economic Development Energy Environmental Affairs
Government Communication Information System (GCIS) Government Pension Administration Agency (GPAA) Government Printing Works Government Technical Advisory Centre (GTAC)
Health Higher Education and Training  Home Affairs Human Settlements
Independent Police Investigative Directorate Justice and Constitutional Development Labour Military Veterans
Mineral Resources Municipal Infrastructure Support Agent National School of Governance National Treasury
Office of Chief Justice Office of the Public Protector Office of the Public Service Commission Planning Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
Public Enterprises Public Service and Administration Public Works Rural Development and Land Reform
Small Business Development Social Development South African Police Service Telecommunications and Postal Services
The Judicial Inspectorate for Correctional Services The Presidency Tourism Trade and Industry
Transport Water and Sanitation Women  

What Jobs Are Done in the Public Sector?

There are many executive agencies and governmental departments in the Civil Services Sector. A variety of jobs you can look for in the public sector is, therefore, large. Depending on your skills and specialization, you can work in the following areas, among others:

  • Housing
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Border Control

In these areas, you may fulfil different roles. Each of this field requires administrators, for example. If you are employed as administrator, you will be required to research, compile reports, and work on policy documents. Equally popular positions are found a management, finance, and human resources departments. If you are a doctor, nurse, lawyer, engineer, geologist, or surveyor, you can also find job in the Civil Services, because the South African government hires people with these professions. Another popular profession is advisor. The government hires a lot of advisers across many departments, often giving them higher salaries and better benefits.

The Verbal Reasoning Test

One of the tests that you may meet on your pre-employment assessment is the Verbal Reasoning Test. It is highly important for the governmental job to possess a good level of English proficiency and reading comprehension. This is why, employers want to ensure that their prospective employees can comprehend and analyze written texts correctly and quickly. The Verbal Reasoning Test measures just that: how well applicants understand written material and how correctly they draw conclusions from what they have just read. On the test, you will be presented with a passage from a text, which you will need to scan briefly before analyzing statements accompanying this passage. Based on the information you read in the passage, you will need to ascertain a truth-value of given statements. If a statement confirms the data given in the passage, mark it as “True.”

If it contradicts the information in the passage, tick it off as “False.” Note also that it may be difficult to determine the truth-value of some passages, because there will not be enough information to draw appropriate conclusions. If this is the case, mark the statement as “Cannot Say.” The Verbal Reasoning Test is timed. A short time limit is certainly challenging. But you can learn how to complete the test on time, if you practice in advance. Go through a few dry runs of our test simulations, improve your own time record, and score high on your pre-employment assessment. 

JobTestPrep has a mission to lead job applicants to employment. To this end, we design accurate test simulations and interview materials and supply them with step-by-step study guides and answer keys. Purchase our exclusive materials and become hired in the Civil Services sector in South Africa.  

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