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About the CGI PrepPacks

CGI is a well respected international IT consulting firm. Since they took over Logica, they have expanded the international reach of the company, and thus of your work with them. These two factors combine to create high competition for each and every job. Prepare to succeed in your CGI apprenticeship, industrial placement or graduate scheme recruitment process with the resources outlined above from JobTestPrep.

CGI Application Form

Your first step towards a job with CGI is to complete the application form. This online application form is a check that you have achieved the minimum criteria as well as an introduction to your skills and competencies. There are several questions to answer on your application form telling the recruitment team more about you. Key to remember when filling out the form includes referring to the competencies listed above, and even more crucially, checking that your spelling and grammar are correct before submitting your form!

CGI Competency Based Assessment

The competency-based assessment is a type of situational judgement test. It has different formats: multiple-choice questions with only one correct answer, most-least answer tables in which more than one option must be selected on a certain scale, etc. Oftentimes scenarios are presented on short-videos.

CGI Inductive Reasoning Test

You may be requested to complete the CGI inductive reasoning test. This test is provided by CEB’s SHL, and you have 24 minutes to answer 18 questions. This test assesses your ability to solve problems when working with unfamiliar information. Also known as an abstract or logical reasoning test, this inductive test is a non-verbal test, meaning that you are given a series of shapes and required to identify the pattern connecting them in order to identify the missing or next shape in the sequence. This test can be overwhelming when you are faced with a series of seemingly unrelated patterns. By preparing for the test you can learn more about what to look for to solve the problem.


Prepare for the CGI Online Test and Assessment Centre

JobTestPrep offers you the practice resource you need to succeed. Take advantage of the aptitude test, interview, and assessment centre practice exercises offered. Stand out in the CGI recruitment process.


CGI Interview Process

There are two types of interviews you can expect to encounter as part of the CGI recruitment process: the screening interview and the in-person interview. The screening interview is conducted via phone. It serves to shed some light on your ambitions to work for the company, it is your chance to elaborate on your relevant skillset. The in-person interviews are held at the company's offices. Prepare with JobTestPrep's Interview PrepPack to know how to present your answers in a clear and efficient manner. 

CGI Interview Questions

You should expect to receive technical questions in your screening interview as the recruiter needs to establish if you have acquired the necessary skillset for your desired position. The in-person interview has technical, behavioural, and competency-based questions. Below is a list of CGI interview questions to give you an idea of what to expect. Why do you like OOPs? Why do you like OOPs? Tell me about yourself.

  • Why CGI?
  • Describe how you are a leader.
  • Name a time where you had to solve a problem.
  • Have you ever had to work on something that you didn’t agree with?
  • Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond what your job asked for.

CGI Assessment Centre

All applicants to CGI apprenticeships or graduate schemes who have passed the inductive reasoning test stage are invited to the assessment centre. CGI assessment centre is one of the final stages of the CGI recruitment process, containing three assessments: a written exercise; interview; and group exercise. You may also be asked to verify your inductive reasoning test score at the assessment centre. Read more about these assessments and how to prepare them below.

CGI Written Exercise

CGI place a lot of importance on this exercise. You are sent the topic for your written exercise along with your assessment centre confirmation, and you are expected to complete it in advance of the day. The topic will be related to technology, and you are expected to demonstrate your understanding of technology and how it can be used by CGI. The test also aims to get a feel for your report writing skills. You are given a set of guidelines and a 500 word limit for your written exercise, and you are expected to email your completed written exercise 24 hours ahead of your assessment centre. Remember to bring a hard copy of your exercise with you as you will be asked questions about what you wrote as part of your interview.

When completing your written exercise there are several points to bear in mind: Take care that your spelling and grammar are correct throughout your work; make sure that your report follows a clear and coherent structure, and keep within the word limit! Gain tips and advice on how to approach a written exercise, and complete a practice exercise with our online written exercises practice pack.

CGI Interview

The CGI interview is part technical and part competency-based and is carried out by a senior member of staff in your area. As well as a discussion on your written exercise, you are expected to answer questions about you, and your desire to work with CGI. You will be asked about your technical knowledge and about your skills. Prepare answers to common questions or possible CGI interview questions. You may find it useful to prepare a set of examples that you can use to answer a range of questions. Refer to the CGI competencies to determine which skills your examples should highlight. Prepare all answers using the STAR method, thus ensuring that you have covered all the information the interviewer is looking for in your answer. Read up on the company and the environment in which they operate. The interview is a two-way process, so don’t forget to prepare some questions that you want to ask the interviewers.

Once you have pulled together all your answers, the final stage is to rehearse them in a mock interview. Our interview preparation package offers practice along with feedback on what to concentrate on for your interview.

CGI Interview Questions

The CGI website lists two interview questions to prepare as part of the assessment centre, but there are many more you can think about.

Some example CGI interview questions include:

  • Why have you chosen to apply to CGI?
  • What is it about a career in IT that interests you?

Competency/ business questions:

  • What do you think you will be doing in this role?
  • Describe a challenge you overcame.
  • id one of CGI’s competitors. How do they compare?
  • What were the biggest failures in your past experience?
  • Tell me about a situation when you made a profit for your company.
  • What are your three weak points?

Technical questions:

  • What is SSL?
  • Tell me about your final year project.
  • What process do you take before implementing any changes?

CGI Group Exercise

In this exercise, you are assessed on how you interact with a team. As a group of four to six people, you are asked to read some information and work together to find a solution to the problem posed. You are watched throughout the 30-minute exercise by up to three assessors who are scoring you throughout against some of the CGI competencies, including team working, communication, and problem-solving.

There are several things to think about during the exercise, such as making sure that you make quality contributions to the discussion; time management so that you complete the task in the time you have; how to make the best use of the resources in your team. Think about these and more ahead of your assessment day using our group exercises pages as a checklist.

CGI Careers

CGI (still known as Logica in some UK circles) is a leading IT consultancy firm. They offer a range of recruitment paths including CGI apprenticeships, internships and a graduate scheme. Recruitment to these schemes follows a set course, each with a set of assessments designed to highlight the skills CGI look for in their employees. Learn about these process and prepare with our resources.

CGI has a clear set of core competencies, which are assessed at each of the recruitment stages. Refer back to this list as you prepare for each new test:

  • Communication skills
  • Collaborative working
  • Applied intellect
  • Resilience and commitment to excellence
  • Commercial acumen
  • Knowledge of CGI
CGI Subsidiaries
Logica paragon solutions Computer Technology Solutions, Inc. CGI Federal Inc.
Codesic, Inc. CGI Norge AS CGI Group Holdings Europe Limited Summa Technologies, Inc.
CGI Adjusters, Inc. Alcyane Consulting Fusion Systems North America LLC Pangaea Systems, Inc.
CGI Nordic Investments Limited CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Inc. Cgi Information Systems and Management Consultants Deutschland Gmbh ERS Informatique, Inc.
JSL Software Solutions Inc. CGI Information Systems And Management Consultants Private Limited GDS & Associates Systems Ltd. CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants
CGI France SAS CGI Suomi Oy RSI Realtime Consulting Inc. cgi group cgi technologies and solutions inc.
Njoyn Software Inc. Solutions Only Financial Solutions Ltd. SoluConseil Inc. Synergy Consulting, Inc.


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