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CEB (Corporate Executive Board) is a company that specialises in optimising business performance in firms. The company has 55 offices worldwide, offering a wide range of positions. They recruit at all levels all year round, and the recruitment process is the same at each level, the only change is the difficulty in questions. Before you start, you must first consider which area of business at CEB you want to work with: research and advisory services; administrative functions; sales and account management.

CEB Application Form

The CEB application form asks you to fill in your personal details, education, employment history, and eligibility to work for CEB. You are also required to attach your CV and a covering letter setting out your suitability to the role. Building a CV that enables you to stand out is an art. See how JobTestPrep’s CV builder package can help you sculpt your CV.

Phone Interview

If your application form is judged to be an appropriate fit for the job, you will be contacted to schedule a telephone conversation. This conversation is designed to determine whether your application should be sent forward for a face-to-face interview. Before the phone conversation, review your application form, the job description, particularly the key competencies listed, and learn more about the company itself. Although this is a conversation rather than a formal interview, you may find it beneficial to review your interview technique as well. JobTestPrep’s online interview preparation provides tips and advice for all forms of interviews.

CEB Interview

The main part of the CEB recruitment process is the interview. All applicants will have an interview, but there are a number of different formats the interview could be, depending on the role you have applied for. You will be notified in advance which type of interview you will face, and given resources to prepare. The four types of interview are:

  • Behavioural interview
  • Case interviews
  • Audition interview
  • Other assessments

The two most common interviews used are the behavioural interviews and case or business interviews, both of which are discussed in more detail below.As well as preparing for your specific type of interview, you should sharpen your interview skills themselves. The best way to excel at an interview is through practice. With a mock interview you can get that practice, as well as feedback, on how you performed in the interview as a whole. JobTestPrep offers a comprehensive interview preparation package to help you get that mock interview experience.

Behavioural Interviews

In a behavioural interview, you are asked questions about your past performance and experiences. The aim of the interview is to get a picture of your future performance from how you have worked in the past. Tips to prepare:

  • Create a list of examples from your previous work that illustrate your skills.
  • CEB advise using the CAR method to organise answers: explain a circumstance; the action you took; and the end result. JobTestPrep’s STAR method pages can help you out with this.
  • Be detailed and specific in your answers.
  • Stick to the point of the example.
  • Practice your answers.
  • Listen carefully to the interviewer’s question, and answer that question, not the one you thought you heard.

Examples of questions:

  • Discuss a recent time when you noticed a problem and took proactive action to resolve the problem.
  • Describe a time when you researched and found an answer to a difficult situation or problem on your own.
  • It can be very difficult to solve a problem when you are under tight time constraints. Tell me about the most challenging time that you needed to solve a problem quickly. Describe the situation and your approach in detail.
  • Tell me about the most successful project you have ever managed. Describe your approach and actions in detail.

Case Interviews

In this interview you are given a case study to discuss with the interviewer. You will discuss a business problem, and you are asked to analyse the situation, identify key business issues, and discuss how you would address the problems involved. This type of interview tests your analytical and problem solving skills, and business acumen. The aim is to demonstrate your approach, not the actual solution. Tips to prepare:

  • Make sure you understand the case, and ask questions on it if you are unsure of any details.
  • Use the information provided to you, do not overuse case frameworks and other industry knowledge.
  • Test conventional wisdom, and consider alternative approaches to the case.
  • You may need to make quick calculations as part of the discussion, and be confident in your answer to share it with the interviewer.
  • Be organised and able to summarise each step in the analysis.
  • Communicate your response clearly.

An example of a case study at a CEB interview is that of a grocery chain in Los Angeles. In this interview, the candidate and interviewer discuss the pros and cons of the grocery store starting up an online store delivering in the area, and the current situation with two competitors already involved in the marketplace. The resources provided include financial information, information on the competitors, and on the company itself.

Other Assessments

Applicants to some positions may receive tests to sit either to complement, or instead of, the interview. These tests are provided by CEB’s subsidiary, SHL, one of the largest test providers in this field. JobTestPrep provides SHL-style tests which include: numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests, logical reasoning tests, and situational judgement tests. You will be told ahead of time which, if any, assessments you will sit, giving you time to take practice tests. Another helpful test is the deductive reasoning.

Prepare for Success

Corporate Executive Board (CEB) is a growing international company in the business support field. Their application process relies heavily on interviews, which means that you, as an applicant, need to make sure that the impression you make on a one-to-one basis is solid. However, some applicants are asked to take skills tests relevant to their area as well. JobTestPrep has all the resources you need to prepare for the interview stages, start practising with us today. 


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