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The assessment centre is a one day event that includes a range of different activities and tests designed to give the recruitment team an idea of who you are and how you perform in an office setting. In this section we run through some of the exercises that you may experience at a Catlin assessment centre.

Online Test Validation

In some assessment centres, you may be asked to take validation tests to prove that the marks you received on the online versions of the tests were accurate. These tests are in the same format as the previous online tests, but the length and number of questions may be different. Make sure you are fully up to date and are confident of your ability by getting sufficient practice before the assessment centre.

E-tray Exercise

An e-tray exercise involves sifting through a large amount of information in emails and reports and organising it according to priority for attention. Learn more about the e-tray exercise and how we can help you prepare for it.

Group Exercise

In this exercise you are given a case study to analyse and come up with some solutions together as a group. A team of assessors will watch both your interaction with the group, and the quality of your contribution. It is important to bear in mind that you need to demonstrate the core values of the company during this exercise.


Some assessment centres may include giving over a presentation. You will be told in advance whether you need to prepare a presentation ahead of your assessment centre, or whether you will be given a topic and some materials on the day. Prepare for giving over a presentation with our presentation tips and guidance found on our pages.

Catlin Interviews

You may have up to two interviews on the day. In some situations however, these interviews may take place at a different time depending on the stream you are entering. The first interview is mostly a motivational interview ascertaining whether you have the drive and ambition to succeed in the company. The other interview is a purely technical one. This interview is conducted by two members of the senior management team and in order to show them that you really know what you are talking about make sure you are up to date on what the company is doing at present as well as knowing some other topical subjects that could relate to the company. Ahead of your Catlin assessment day, refresh your interview skills with our online interview preparation guide.

 Prepare With JobTestPrep

The Catlin recruitment process used across all Catlin graduate development programme and Catlin internship applicants is comprehensive and designed to ensure that Catlin hire only the most suitable candidates for their jobs. In order to prove that you are that candidate, you must be prepared for each stage’s unique challenge. Prepare with the resources highlighted on this page. 

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