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Buhler’s Hiring Process

If you decide to go through the hiring process at Buhler, you should know that it could take 3 weeks. During these weeks, you will go through a number of interviews and a number of tests that will assess your skills. Some are very specific to the job you will be applying for, while others are general and include:

  • Leadership and supervisory capabilities
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Effective communications and customer service skills


The Interviews at Buhler

All candidate will be required to participate in interviews. There are a number of interview techniques that will be implemented by Buhler and they include:

  • Phone interviews. A phone interview, in which you will tell about yourself and go over your resume. The questions are primarily there to assess your personality as well as to clarify what your salary desires are, your availability etc. These could take 30 minutes, sometimes more.
  • You may be required to participate in video interviews. There are two types of video interviews, a live one, and a pre-recorded one. A live video interview involves using Skype, or a similar program. It’s as simple as that. It can take between 40-60 minutes to complete. A pre-recorded interview is where you are given a set of questions which you have to answer while recording yourself. You then send this video to the interviewers.
  • Multiple levels of in-person interviews. If the initial phone interview is successful, you will be invited by Buhler to participate in one or more face-to-face (in-person) interviews with a member of the management team, a mix of managers, HR representatives, and potential co-workers.
  • You may be required to go through a technical interview. A technical interview typically features questions that are specific to the role you have applied for. These might include brain teaser questions and/or numerical reasoning questions. Technical interviews are generally used to assess candidates for technical or specialist job positions (such as jobs in IT, Engineering and Science).


The Testing Process at Buhler

Candidates are required to pass multiple tests to assess their general skills as wells as specific skills required by the job they are applying for at Buhler and may include the following:

  • The Thomas International test. The Thomas GIA Test aims to assess general intelligence rather than more advanced subject-specific abilities (e.g. numerical, verbal, or abstract reasoning). The idea is to predict how well you will develop and respond to training if you receive your desired job.
  • A numerical reasoning test. A numerical reasoning test includes a wide range of aptitude tests, varying from basic arithmetic tests and advanced numerical reasoning tests. On numerical reasoning tests, you are often given a chart with information on it, which you then have to solve.
  • English tests. These tests aim to assess both written and spoken English. They are covering a number of topics such as Vocabulary, Grammar, Spelling and more.
  • An abstract reasoning test. An abstract reasoning test is used to assess the ability to generate hypotheses and critically evaluate the problem. You are presented with a series of figures, and you must find the correct answer that completes the series. The frames advance from left to right in a certain way. You must try to predict the next shape in the sequence from the options listed.
  • A personality test. Personality tests are one of the most interesting selection tests used by employers. As psychometric tests, they evaluate behaviour, strengths and weaknesses and work-related skills. 


Commonly Asked Interview Questions

To pass the interview stage of the hiring process at Buhler you should practice answering common interview questions like:

  • How do you handle workplace conflict?
  • What has been the greatest disappointment in your life?
  • Tell me about a time when you disagreed with the actions or decisions of your manager or supervisor. How did you approach the situation? Was the situation resolved to your satisfaction or did nothing change?


Buhler is a dream to work for. It is one of the leading companies in the food industry technologies sector. The long and tiring process, however, can make it difficult for you to get hired. JobTestPrep can give you the advantage you need, to land the job at Buhler. We can provide you with an amazing opportunity to prepare for the hiring process with many study guides, practice tests, interview tips and more. Why not give it a try?

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