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This PrepPack™ offers you immediate access to checking tests, study guides, numerical, verbal, situational judgement tests and more efficient materials.

British Airways Pilot Recruitment Process

British Airways has a multi-step hiring and recruiting pilot process. Learn about the process below with JobTestPrep's detailed information, and start practising with our resources to ensure your success. 

Not an experienced pilot? Then check out our dedicated future pilot psychometric page.

British Airways Application Form

The first part of the British Airways recruitment process is the application form.

There are two things to remember when completing the application: to familiarise and memorise the key competencies required for your job position and to answer the questions at the bottom of the application (these can be technical or situational judgement questions). 

If you pass the application process, you will then be invited to sit assessments and attend an assessment centre. 

Prepare for the British Airways Online Assessment

The selected PrepPacks™ are designed to advance your skill set and succeed at the British Airways application process. Start practising today and land your desired placement.

British Airways Pilot Assessment Day One 

After you have completed the British Airways online application form successfully, you will receive a series of pilot aptitude tests as part of the first assessment day.

Pilot Aptitude Tests

British Airways uses different types of tests that are provided by SHL. Below are the two tests that pilots may encounter.

  • Numerical reasoning tests – These tests are designed to assess your numerical and critical reasoning skills. You are given numerous pieces of information via graphs and charts, and you must work out the correct solutions.
  • Verbal reasoning tests – These tests provide you with a paragraph of information and some multiple-choice questions. Based on the text, you must select the correct answer. This is done under severe time constraints, so you need to work fast in order to complete the test in the time allotted.
  • Capacity assessment – These tests (there are two exams) contain several sub-tests, including shape testing, flight director testing, flight director testing while multitasking, and flight crew testing. 

British Airways Pilot Assessment Day Two

If you passed the assessments on the first day, you will be invited to day two of the British Airways assessment centre. The second day consists of the following steps: 

British Airways Interviews

Applying for the British Airways pilot scheme will require you to sit multiple interviews.

These interviews can consist of a one-on-one face-to-face interview, a face-to-face interview with two members of the HR team, or a face-to-face interview with a certified pilot. The telephone and video interviews last for half an hour, and the face-to-face interview with two members of the HR team lasts an hour. 

Preparing yourself properly for these interviews is very important, as they are often the make or break of your job application. This means knowing the British Airways core competencies that were listed on the job description as well as having clear answers as to why you want to work for British Airways.

The best way to answer these questions is by using the STAR-based answer method. Using this method shows through a previous experience how you have demonstrated the key competencies and skills before. 

Group Exercise

The group exercise is designed to assess your ability to work with a team as well as your problem-solving capabilities. You will be given a task, potentially a role play, that is suited to your job application, and you must come up with a solution to a problem. The idea here is not only to work out a good, workable solution, but also to see how you interact with fellow employees.

British Airways Simulator Assessment

If you're successful on the second day, you will be asked to take a simulator assessment at the British Airways Flight Training Centre, on a separate day. This test is typically undertaken on a B757-200 simulator, alongside training pilots.

First, you will meet with an assessor. Then you will have 10 minutes of practice. This is followed by a 45-minute flying pilot part and a 45-minute non-flying pilot part.

JobTestPrep will soon provide simulator preparation. However, in the meantime, refresh your knowledge of the previously discussed tests and assessments.  

British Airways Holding Pool

If you have passed all of the aforementioned steps, your resume will be placed in the British Airways DEP Hold Pool until a vacancy occurs. Typically, your resume can be in the Hold Pool for up to one year. Therefore, it's important to excel at each stage to ensure your resume is at the top of the candidate's list.

British Airways Future Pilot Preparation

The competition for a pilot position with British Airways is fierce, and the recruitment process is tough. Therefore, you need to be at the top of your game throughout the process. Prepare with JobTestPrep's resources, which include practice tests and drills, test information and content, detailed answer explanations, score reports, and more. Start preparing today to ensure that you land the job you're after. 

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