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What You'll Get

  • Full-length SHL-style verify calculation practice test
  • 6 full-length SHL-style numerical reasoning practice tests - graduate
  • 3 full-length SHL-style verbal analysis practice tests
  • 4 full-length SHL-style verbal reasoning practice tests
  • 2 SHL-style deductive reasoning tests
  • Full personality test
  • 2 full-length Excel assessment tests
  • 11 figural SHL-style next in series drills
  • 5 SHL-style checking drills
  • 50 single trait practice drills
  • 9 study guides
  • 14 video tutorials
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions


This PrepPack™ offers SHL-style verbal, numerical and deductive tests, as well as Excel and personality tests, drills, tutorials and guides

BlackRock Pre-Hire Preparation

The BlackRock recruitment process is competitive, designed to allow the company to hire the right people for the job. You will need to be at the top of your game across several stages. Preparation for each stage will help you do the best job you can do. Start preparing with the practice packages today. 

BlackRock Online Application

The first stage of the application process is the online application form. This is a fairly straightforward application, where you will have to fill in not only your educational details, but you will be given the chance to upload your CV and cover letter. Research the position that you have applied for and tailor your writing to that. As well as this, in the BlackRock graduate careers application, you will be given some competency questions on the application form. Some examples of possible questions are:

  • Why have you chosen this particular business division?
  • Why do you want to work for BlackRock?
  • Please outline any position of responsibility that you have held and any achievements that you have had within that role?
  • Do you think the BlackRock graduate salary is fair?
  • Is there anything we should know about you when we are reviewing your application?

These questions are your opportunity to show that you are the right one for the job. There are some important points to consider when you are addressing these questions. There are no specific key competencies for the company, however; in the job description, you will find specific competencies. These should be integrated into your answers, as this shows not only that you have the skills, but also that you have done your homework on the job at hand. Upon a successful application, you will receive an invitation to the next stage of the process.

BlackRock Numerical Test

For most BlackRock graduate programmes, you will need to take an SHL numerical reasoning test. The numerical reasoning test is used to assess your ability in identifying trends across a wide range of numerical data in the form of spreadsheets, tables, graphs, or charts. You need to perform mathematical calculations in order to analyse the information and answer the questions. With around 20 minutes to answer 20 questions, you will need to work fast. Practise these tests to improve your speed and accuracy and get the scores you deserve.


Prepare for the Blackrock Application Process

There are a lot of different stages that you have to pass, including the Blackrock numerical test, other online tests, video interview and assessment centre. Give yourself the best chance of success with those expertly prepared PrepPacks™.


BlackRock Interview

Following the online testing, you will have two BlackRock interviews. The first one will be focused on competency and motivation. Be prepared for this interview by knowing as much as you can about the company and your job application. Try to interweave your answers with pertinent points that you know they will want to hear. The second interview will be very much focused on your ability and skill level to do the job. You will be asked specific questions relating to your job application. Also, you will have to demonstrate your ability to think on your feet.

BlackRock Interview Questions

Some BlackRock interview questions may include:

  • Is the payoff for a put option negatively skewed?
  • How does BlackRock make money?
  • What is the purpose of regression?
  • Based on what you are seeing in the market, what do you think about the future of iShares?

You will normally be asked to come to their offices for these interviews. However, if you live far away they are able to schedule them over the phone.

BlackRock Assessment Centre

There are a number of different sections to the BlackRock assessment day. You will have another two interviews with the same type of questions being asked as they were in the previous interviews. As well as these, you will have to take part in a group exercise and give a presentation as well. You may also be given another numerical test.

  • Group Exercise – In this part of the assessment, you will be given a task with which you will have to discuss a solution to a particular problem. The goal of this exercise is not particularly to come up with a perfect solution, but to see how well you can gel with the rest of the group. The goal here is to be forthright and firm in your opinions, but at the same time be understanding of others. You have to show your ability to be able to work towards a common goal. Timekeeping is also important here, so it’s a good idea to try and be the first to say, “I’ll be the timekeeper.”
  • The BlackRock Presentation – After the group assessment, you will be given some information to analyse and present to a team of Directors. For example, you may be given a portfolio of many different items and it is your job to try and present the best way of investing this stock. You will have to give a 10-minute presentation on your outcome and then answer questions on the presentation for another 10 minutes. View this as an opportunity to show how good and confident you are. With the right preparation, you will be able to show your full range of abilities. Gain tips and tricks on how to approach an assessment centre presentation ahead of your day. 

BlackRock Careers

BlackRock is one of the world’s largest asset managing companies in the world with over 70 offices worldwide. The BlackRock graduate scheme takes in approximately 80 candidates each year with another 80 signed on as interns.



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