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BDO is the fifth largest accounting network in the world, specializing in consultancy, audit, tax and assurance services, employing over 48,000 people in 135 countries around the world. BDO welcome applicants from all fields, and the recruitment process is designed to allow you to show off your skills rather than your knowledge. Recruitment processes will vary slightly between jobs and recruitment levels (BDO graduate programme, school leavers, interns or experienced hires), but many elements are the same across all processes. Learn more about the common elements of the recruitment process and how to prepare with our dedicated resources.

The BDO recruitment process for BDO graduate programmes and BDO school leavers is as follows:

BDO Application Form

Application for BDO programmes is through an application form. The form asks for the usual information about you, your education and employment background, as well as some questions asking about your skills. Make sure you answer every question fully. You can plan out your answers in advance to ensure that you say as much as you can in the limited space provided. You should also consider the requirements of the role you are applying to when completing your application form. Take the time to make your application count, after all it is your first opening to the company.

BDO Online Aptitude Tests

If your application is taken past the form stage, the next stage is a set of online reasoning tests. The BDO online aptitude tests consist of a numerical and verbal reasoning test, provided by the testing company CEB’s SHL. Practice is advised by BDO as they want you to be able to demonstrate your true potential in these tests. Learn more about these tests, and how to prepare below.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The BDO numerical test contains 21 questions to answer in 21 minutes. The aim of this test is to assess your ability to work with numerical information, and as part of the test you are presented with numerical data in the form of tables, graphs and ratios. Questions are multiple choice, but you must be able to work out the answers in order to choose the correct answer.

Preparing for this test is crucial to your chances of success - practice tests allow you to familiarise yourself with the type of questions and methods for answering them, and help you speed up your workings out so that you can answer more questions within the time limit. Prepare for this test with our SHL-style numerical reasoning tests practice packs.

Verbal Reasoning Test

The BDO verbal test is a 15 minute test in which you will have to answer 30 questions. This test examines how well you understand and analyse the information you read in a written format and use it to prove points. In these questions you will be presented with a paragraph of information that in general is related to the business. There will be a number of different facts contained within that are sometimes slightly disjointed. you will then have a number of multiple choice questions to answer on each of the passages. The time limit for this test is tough. As you only have about 30 seconds per question you don't have time to “acclimatise” to the format of them.

By taking practice tests you can increase your reading speed and the speed at which you understand and answer questions. Find out more about how to prepare for this BDO verbal reasoning test with our SHL-style verbal reasoning practice packs.

For BDO graduates, interns, and school leavers, if you have successfully passed the BDO numerical test and BDO verbal test, the next stage is a professional interview led by several professionals from the business unit which you are applying to. In some cases you will be joined by an HR specialist as well. Experienced hire applicants can also expect an interview like this one at some point in their recruitment process.

BDO First Interview

This interview is competency based. The questions are chosen to gain behavioral evidence from your past that shows you are strong in the skills they are looking for in this job. BDO have a list of competencies for their staff, including:

  • Accountability for results
  • Change focus
  • Client service
  • Commercial and market focus
  • Communication
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Growing our business
  • Inspiring leadership
  • People management and development
  • Self- management and development
  • Teamwork and cooperation

Ahead of the interview you may want to read up on BDO and the department you are applying to. You will also want to prepare examples from your previous experience against each of the competencies. Each skill should have a different example, and you should prepare your examples around the STAR method (situation, task, action and result). There may be other questions in the interview so you may want to think about your answers to common questions. Once you have pulled together all your preparation, rehearse your answers with a mock interview. Our Skype based interviews are the perfect opportunity to practice answering questions to an assessor who is also able to give you feedback on how to improve ahead of your next interview.

The BDO Assessment Centre

Many applicants at all levels can expect an assessment day. The BDO assessment centre is a day filled with activities to test multiple skills. Some of the assessment centre tasks are outlined below.

BDO Group Exercise and Case study

This exercise is designed to evaluate your ability to work in a team making an impact as a group member as well as by yourself. You will need to be able to think laterally and put forth innovative ideas to further the decisions that you will make as part of the group. There are two separate tasks in this exercise that you will have to complete. Generally, you will be given a brief with a problem relating to a company that needs auditing in a certain specific way. As well as this, there are other tasks that will need attending to that are of a more general nature. Thus your business skills as well as your interpersonal skills will be assessed during this group exercise.

BDO In-Tray Exercise

You will be given a brief relating to your chosen field of application and you will have an hour to complete two separate tasks in this time. A popular example is that you are given a wad of different papers and informed that your computer has broken. You have to answer a particular query where the client has recently died. Not only do you have to deal with many small tasks, delegate what you can and put off anything that isn't too important, but you have to write a written report pertaining to the case. Find out how we can help you in the written report and intray exercise with our intray tips package .

BDO Presentation

You will be asked to prepare and deliver a 20 minute presentation according to the brief BDO will provide you with prior to the assessment day. You will be given a big flip board to use in order to prepare this presentation. In essence, you can prepare for the presentation almost entirely before the BDO assessment centre and just use the 20 minutes before to ensure that everything will go smoothly. Find out how we can help you here.

BDO Second-round Interview

This interview is very similar to the interview you have already received and is mainly competency based. This interview is a 2:1 interview with two people as a panel interviewing you. Find out how we can help you here.

With the correct preparation and practice, you will gain the skills and confidence to put in a really good job. Good luck with your application!

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