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How Can JobTestPrep Help?

At JobTestPrep, we assist job applicants with their pre-hire process. After having thoroughly researched on Atomic Weapons Establishment, we put our heads together and designed close simulations of the tests offered by the company to its job applicants. Our high-quality PrepPack™ includes both the Hogan Personality Inventory and the Hogan Development Survey, the Numerical Reasoning Test, Technical Aptitude Test Practice, and the Abstract Reasoning Test. These tests will sharpen your numerical and technical skills and will teach you how to build an attractive personality profile.  

Motivated to lead you through every stage of your pre-hire process, we have added to our PrepPack™ also interview materials. They contain frequently asked questions and answers together with valuable tips on how to behave during your conversation with AWE’s recruiters. Because most of the applicants for positions in the company are invited to the Assessment Centre, we have added to our resources also materials on tasks given to job candidates at assessment centres. By practising with our high-quality resources, you will succeed on your tests and interviews and will soon start playing a crucial role in national defence.

What Does the Recruitment Process at AWE Include?

The recruitment process at Atomic Weapon Establishment is difficult. It includes several stages:


After you have submitted your application form, you will be asked to take several psychometric tests. Your knowledge of mathematics, physics, and chemistry will be thoroughly tested. Interested in hiring only candidates with stable personalities and ability to work well, employers at AWE also administer the Hogan Personality Test.

This test can be of two types: job applicants take either the Hogan Personality Inventory or the Hogan Development Survey, or, in some cases, both. The HPI and HDS complement each other, testing applicants’ positive and negative traits respectively.  The Hogan Personality Inventory studies human traits that help people forge meaningful bonds with each other. It focuses on positive traits that guarantee that their possessors have good social skills and will get along with each other. Among tested qualities are sociability, prudence, and ambition. If the HPI shows that applicants possess these qualities, chances are that they will succeed in their new workplace.

In contrast to the Hogan Personality Inventory, the Hogan Development Survey analyses the dark side of the human personality and assesses negative human traits that disallow them to succeed at their jobs. The HDS also traces a fine line between positive and negative qualities, studying how a positive trait turns into its opposite and becomes disturbing, when, for instance, cautiousness turns into cowardice and boldness into bumptiousness. Possessors of negative traits do not excel in their workplaces and do not form meaningful connections with others. Employers at AWE administer the HDS to applicants to weed out such people during the initial stages of their recruitment process to ensure that only good employees are welcomed on board.

The Phone Interview

If you pass your tests with success, you will have a phone conversation with AWE’s recruiters. You may be asked competency-based questions. You may also talk about your work experience and career goals. Browse the company’s website before you arrange for the phone interview, because some questions can be about the company and its mission.

The Assessment Centre

The next stage of the recruitment process at AWE is the Assessment Centre. Recruiters at AWE prefer to invite potential employees to the Assessment Centre, because there they are assessed more fully than during face-to-face interviews. During their assessment day, job candidates participate in various group activities and case studies. They also do role playing and demonstrate their skills in simulation exercises. While they are participating in these activities, job candidates are being closely watched by several assessors, each of whom gives them points, compared at the end of the day. Those applicants who receive high scores are invited for a face-to-face interview with high managers. In some cases, you may also have a technical exam related to your field.

The In-Person Interview

Sometimes, prospective employees receive a set of mathematical and calculational questions a few weeks before their interview at AWE. At the beginning of the interview, they are thus asked to explain their solutions to these questions. Expect to have questions about nuclear fusion and fission, to name only few of them. You may also need to do calculations in the presence of your interviewers concerning fusion energy and binding energy diagram, for example. Your recruiters may also ask you to derive an equation for a bucket filling up with rainwater. Other technical questions may also follow. In addition to them, expect questions about your education and work experience. This interview may take almost an hour, but by its end, you will be given answers to all technical questions you have received. Some of the questions posed on the face-to-face interview at AWE are presented below in the next section.

What Questions Are Posed at the Interview at AWE?

Questions asked at your face-to-face interview are of several types. You may need to answer mathematical, technical, situational, and competency-based questions. Here are some questions asked on real interviews at Atomic Weapon Establishment in the past:

  • How do you keep up with HR news and trends? 
  • How would you deal with a situation where a member of your team wasn't abiding by company protocol?  
  • When have you worked well in a team?  
  • What are different types of radio-actively decay.  
  • What analytical techniques for measuring radioactive substances do you know?  
  • Do you know how a weapon works?  
  • Can you explain crystallography, phase diagrams, and material failure?
  • How did you diffuse a difficult personal issue in your previous workplace? 
  • What do you know about the company and what we do?

Think these questions through and formulate smart, comprehensive answers to them.  If you come to your interview armed with right answers, you will sound confident and knowledgeable. Brush up on your knowledge of mathematical, physical, and chemical concepts as well. Do not forget to research about the company, since some of the questions maybe about its mission and structures. If you need assistance with preparing for your interview, consult our interview materials. Prepared by JobTestPrep, you will easily rise above your competitors and will join the company that has long been at the forefront of the UK nuclear deference programme.

JobTestPrep has a rich arsenal of practice materials. In our well-designed PrepPack™, you may find all needed resources to get ready for your upcoming pre-employment assessment. Purchase our test simulations and start supporting the UK national nuclear security.

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