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Excel Throughout the Auckland Transport Employment Process

Auckland Transport works to shape their city and provide transport options to help in every aspect of peoples’ day to day lives by supplying local and international knowledge to answer the toughest transport challenges. Employers wish to hire job applicants who are innovative and passionate to fill in the Auckland Transport vacancies.

The step-by-step Auckland Transport hiring process is listed below:

  • Online Application: If you are interested in one of the Auckland Transport vacancies you can fill out the registration form, list your skills and work experience, and upload your CV. Depending on the number of responses, job applicants may be screened within 3 to 5 days of the position closing. After this stage you will receive an email regarding whether you are the right fit for the career.
  • Telephone Interview: If you have made the shortlist with 5-8 other candidates, the hiring manager may call you to ask further questions. It is recommended for applicants to use this phone conversation to make a good impression and get through to the next interview stage.
  • In-Person Interview: During this stage, you will be asked interview questions based on the required competencies for the position. Interviews will be administered by the hiring manager, one of the recruitment team, and another high-level employer. Candidates may go through more than one interview depending on the position they are applying for.
  • Tests: If you pass the first interview, you may be asked to perform pre-employment Auckland Transport psychometric tests. Certain tests may be sent to your email to be completed as an online assessment.

Auckland Transport Aptitude Tests

Candidates may be required to take several entrance exams during the Auckland Transport recruitment process. Psychometric testing includes a variety of aptitude tests which are used to evaluate job applicants’ compatibility for the Auckland Transport vacancies, as well as their skill set and character traits. Preparation is key when candidates are expected to take the Hogan assessments which gauge their behavioural qualities and workplace personality. These exams also measure candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, core values, and problem- solving skills. The personality test is especially helpful for applicants to understand and develop their personality profile.

Learn more about the Psychometric tests, and practise passing your Psychometric tests today.

Auckland Transport Questions and Answers

Candidates may have a number of questions regarding the application process. We have listed some answers to these inquiries below:

  • Question: What formats can I use for my CV? Answer: You can upload your CV as a Microsoft Word document (.doc), in a Microsoft Word 2007 format (.docx), a Rich Text format (.rtf), an Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf), or a Text format (.txt).
  • Question: What is the Assessment Centre and when may it take place? Answer: The Assessment Centre is where a thorough evaluation of job applicants’ cognitive abilities and adequacy for the position takes place. This process is done during the interview stage and measures professional qualities such as adaptability, problem-solving, leadership and communication abilities within a team setting. To assess candidates’ traits more accurately, employers may require applicants to participate in group activities, presentations, role-playing, and case studies. Individual tasks may be administered as well, such as taking aptitude tests and simulation exercises. The Assessment Centre may last one full day or more.


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