Atkins Assessment Centre Activities

Atkins assessment centres generally run from 9am to 5pm with lunch served on site. There are normally about 5 steps in the day. They are:

  • Written exercise – In this exercise you are asked to write a proposal of sorts relating to the particular field that you applied for. You are given a lot of information and just half an hour to read it through, analyse it, and prepare it for a presentation. You are normally asked three questions to answer about this proposal which you do as you go along. You need to bear in mind that you are going to use this information not only for a presentation but also for an interview later on in the day. Prepare for the case study running through the entire day with our online case study preparation pack.
  • Technical interview – In this interview you are asked about your technical know-how. This is not a difficult interview but does last for about an hour. The first half of the interview is devoted to the answers you gave in the written exercise. You will discuss the reasons why you made these choices and what you will accomplish with them. In the second half of the interview you have to answer a lot of general questions and this interview is mainly used to see if you will fit into the company and department you applied for. You are asked about your degree and some general information related to whatever job you applied for. This means that it’s very important to go over your skill set and the modules that you took in University.
  • Competency interview – This interview is in fact very similar to the telephone interview. You may not even get any new questions at all but rather have to repeat what you have already said. This is because you are being tested not only your competency but also of your demeanour and interaction qualities with others. Go over the questions that you have already done so you won’t be caught out. In both of these interviews it’s important to prepare well and have really good knowledge of the firm and its projects. Use this knowledge as a base to ask other questions about the company as this will impress the interviewers.
  • Group exercise – In this part of the Atkins assessment day you are presented with some information and have to work out a plan of action together with the other candidates. The goal here isn't necessarily the solution although this is important. The most important thing is to show off your collaboration skills with others. You need to be pushy but not too so. Being results oriented is also important here. You have 10 minutes to read through the information and another 30 minutes to come up with a good solution to the problem.
  • Presentation – This is based on the information you were given in the written exercise and lasts for about 10 minutes with another 10 minutes devoted to a question and answer session by the panellists assessing your presentation.

Prepare for Success

You may have only one interview and may not get the written exercise as well but make sure you are fully prepared for every possibility. With good preparation and the right frame of mind that you can get this job you will be sure to be able to present yourself in the best possible light. Good luck.

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