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Preparation for the AsureQuality Hiring Process

Founded in 2007, AsureQuality provides worldwide food safety and biosecurity services to the food industry. AsureQuality is supported by the New Zealand government and have over 140 locations throughout Australasia, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. AsureQuality offers a variety of career opportunities and prides itself on its positive environment and strong values.

The AsureQuality recruitment process contains several stages. This process is described below:

Application: Applicants can apply for an AsureQuality job online by filling out a registration form and uploading their CV. The application process allows job seekers to find available jobs online.

Telephone Interview: One’s CV will be evaluated based on the requirements of the job being applied for. Applicants may receive a short phone call from a hiring manager to discuss their background and skills.

Tests: Psychometric tests are often performed to measure one’s cognitive abilities in a variety of topics. Applicants may be asked to take AsureQuality aptitude tests online or as written entrance exams.

Assessment Centre: Depending on the career one applies for, they may be invited to take part in the AsureQuality assessment centre. This day occurs on-site in a group setting with other applicants.

In-Person Interview: Next, a Hiring Manager will select a list of candidates to meet face to face. A face-to-face interview will occur with the Hiring Manager, involving a competency-based interview. This method asks questions using examples of situations candidates have been in and asks them to address the solution they came up with.


The AsureQuality CEB’s SHL Test Process

The AsureQuality test process includes pre-employment exams. AsureQuality aptitude tests are performed so that employers can measure one’s cognitive abilities, skills, and personality traits. CEB's SHL tests may be given to assess candidates’ numerical, verbal, inductive, and deductive reasoning skills. On the logical test, applicants are required to make connections between various images, and the verbal test requires one to accurately understand written information. The numerical test asks candidates to solve arithmetical data and graphs.

Other AsureQuality assessment tests which are given through CEB’s SHL are the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) and the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ). Both tests are given to measure one’s behavioural propensities and characteristics. The OPQ helps companies predict how one reacts to challenging scenarios by evaluating their previous actions. Candidates will be assessed based on certain personality traits, such as how confident, innovative, and professional they are. The OPQ assessment highlights one’s social patterns and decision-making skills.

Start Practising for the AsureQuality CEB SHL Tests with JobTestPrep.

AsureQuality Interview Questions

The AsureQuality interview process helps companies decide which applicants to hire by assessing their strengths, work experience, technical knowledge, and positive qualities. Some questions will be competency-based, which can be prepared for by thinking of potential questions. Candidates should familiarise themselves with the job position. When answering questions, one can use the "STAR" format. The ST stands for the situation/task which one was faced with. The A stands for the action taken to tackle the problem, and the R represents the result of one’s actions.

Below are examples of AsureQuality interview questions:

  • Why AsureQuality
  • How do you deal with conflicts with co-workers?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Describe an accomplishment of yours that you are most proud of.


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