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  1. Case study interviews for consultancy and business management companies. These tests are administered without the use of documents. The entire story is described by the assessor and generally revolves around straightforward mathematical problems or estimation questions. The candidate is expected to question the assessor for more details in order to understand the problems in hand. Learn more about these tests here >>
  2. Assessment centre case study tests for various positions in finance, banking, audit, marketing, IT, sales, and more. These tests are based on a file of documents you need to quickly read and analyse. You can find more information about this test below.

Assessment centre case study exercises

A case study exercise is one of several tools used to evaluate a wide array of candidates' abilities:

Aptitude Skills   Employment Skills
strategicmarketing principles
creativitytime management
problem solving     working under pressure

oral communication

You may be asked to complete the case study as an individual exercise or as part of a group to allow assessors to evaluate your ability to work in a team. Some employers will set case study exercises as a discrete element of the selection process, others may combine them with an interview. In general, case studies belong to one of two main groups

Specific and professional knowledge of subject topics is required. In cases of candidates applying to a role where industry knowledge is essential, the content of the case study is directly relevant to that role. In these cases, candidates are required to use their existing knowledge and experience to identify key information from the brief. For instance, Project Managers may be asked to plan for the release of a new product, which incorporates scheduling, budgeting, and resourcing.

These case studies are designed for a broad audience of candidates who are tested for different positions. Answering the case study questions does not require any specific knowledge, and most questions can be answered with common sense. Any information that is required for answering the case study questions will be provided by the assessor, whether by word or through additional documentation. These case studies are much more popular as they are completed by a vast number of candidates who are applying to a wide array of positions.

Case Study Practice with JobTestPrep  “ I have now done 2 rounds of case studies for KPMG and Capita. What helped was attention to detail, the skill of staying calm, all the answers are in the study. Your tests helped set practice to absorb data and pluck out key facts, this then helped when case studies were of smaller content. 

KPMG, Capita, April 2015

What does a case study look like?

Typically, the case study introduces a series of fictional documents such as reports and results from recent market research. These documents may relate to hypothetical or real life situations. You are asked to analyze the case at hand and make business decisions or give a brief verbal or written report of your recommendations. You may also be drip-fed additional information to assess and respond to throughout the allocated time. In some instances, these exercises will include content that is relevant to the company's affairs, giving candidates a taste of a real day-to-day task.

Popular topics that appear in case studies

  • Strategic decisions in global or local contexts
  • Expansion of departments, acquisition of new companies or products
  • Entrance into new fields of development and product lines
  • Exploring new markets
  • Reconstructing organisational trees
  • Creating advertising campaigns

In-Tray and E-Tray exercises

Some Assessment Days will include an In-Tray or E-Tray exercise. These tests ask candidates to prioritise their tasks based on the same principles mentioned thus far. The exercises will test your ability to manage your worklaod within time constraints, and how you make decisions on that basis. The exercises test you in a different way to other aptitude tests, so we highly recommend you practice for both these tests with our online-based in-tray exercise.

What we offer

JobTestPrep offer a unique package designed specifically to help you prepare for your upcoming case study test. The pack contains two complete written case study exercises to solve under as real testing conditions as possible. Using the detailed solution guide, a scoring form and a presentation example you are able to assess your own performance and draw valuable conclusions.

The guides included in this pack present all you need to know about the case study assessment. They cover a variety of topics, from the different types of case study tests, to numerous solving methods, through to case study presentation tips and examples.

Start practicing early on with our complete case study exercise
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