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Ready to start your career in the British Armed Forces? Keep reading to learn about the steps of the hiring process for each branch of the military, and find out what you can do to prepare. Your career in the Armed Forces depends on it!

The British Army Recruit Battery Test (BARB)

The BARB test is a computerized aptitude test that evaluates candidates' logical reasoning skills and ability to process information. Completing questions quickly and accurately is important, because your score is calculated according to the number of correct answers and the time taken to answer each question. The passing grade for the BARB is 26, but certain regiments such as the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers require a higher score.

The Airman/Airwoman Selection Test (AST)

The AST is comprised of a variety of psychometric assessments which allow you to be placed in the career that most suits you. You will be ranked according to your score and then assigned to a category of positions. The AST consists of the following aptitude tests:

  • A verbal reasoning test
  • A numerical reasoning test
  • A work rate test which evaluates how quickly and accurately you can complete basic clerical tasks
  • A spatial reasoning test
  • A mechanical comprehension test
  • An electrical comprehension test
  • A memory test


The Royal Navy Recruiting Test

The Royal Navy Recruiting Test assesses your problem-solving abilities, your English language skills, your mathematical abilities, and your ability to understand basic mechanical concepts. It is used to determine which careers in the Royal Navy you are suited for. The Royal Navy Recruiting Test consists of the following aptitude tests:
  • A reasoning test
  • A verbal ability test
  • A numeracy test
  • A mechanical reasoning test

These are computerized timed tests which are usually administered at the Armed Forces Careers Office. Like the BARB and the AST, there is a minimum passing grade and the higher you score, the more career paths are open to you.


What Is the Hiring Process for the British Armed Forces?

It includes the following steps, which may vary according to which branch of the military you are applying to.
  1. Apply: You can apply for the British Armed Forces online or at a recruitment centre. Upon applying, you will be invited to complete an online medical questionnaire.
  2. Interview: A candidate support manager will interview you about your motivation for joining the Armed Forces, your achievements and qualifications, and your physical fitness. At this point in the screening process, you can ask questions about the different positions available to you in the Armed Forces.
  3. Test: As detailed above, you will need to complete aptitude tests which will determine which careers you can pursue in the Armed Forces.
  4. Evaluation: For some careers, you will have additional evaluations. For example, if youi are applying to the army, you will be invited to the Army Development and Selection Centre (ADSC) for a two-day evaluation, similar to an assessment centre. At the ADSC, you will complete exams, group exercises, physical tests, presentations, a medical examination, and an interview.

 JobTestPrep's British Armed Forces test preparation materials can help you prepare for any exams that you will face as part of the application process.