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About Arcadia & Their Recruitment Process

When applying to Arcadia you have a choice of jobs in head office, graduate schemes and in stores. The recruitment processes will differ at all stages, but recruitment to graduate schemes (Buying, Merchandising, Digital and Finance) follows the same broad process. Other applicants may experience some of these assessments. Learn more about how to prepare for each stage on this page.

Arcadia Online Application Form

The application form is your first step towards a job with Arcadia. You should apply to just one role with Arcadia at a time. If you apply for additional roles at the same time they will assume that you don’t know the area of focus for your potential career development. When filling in the form, ensure that you answer every question, and that it is a fair representation of who you are. You are also asked to attach your CV. This CV should compliment the information in your application form, setting out your skills and experience without repeating too much.

Arcadia Video Interview

If your application is progressed to the next stage, you are next invited to record a video interview. You have one week to record your interview online through their system. You should make sure you have done your homework about Arcadia and the job you are applying for ahead of the interview, as the interviewer will ask motivational questions pertaining to the industry as a whole and where Arcadia fit into this model. You should prepare a set of examples that you can use in your answers. Organise these answers using the STAR method (situation, task, action, result), setting out how you and your skills contributed to the example. They will also expect you to be up-to-date with current fashion and future trends. The key to the Arcadia video interview is research, research and more research.

It can be unnerving to speak into a video rather than face-to-face. Once you have completed all your research, practice delivering your answers. Our interview preparation package involves you answering into a computer, with the added bonus of an assessor who can help you rehearse your answers and give you pointers on how to improve.

If you are successful with the telephone interview, you will be invited to attend the assessment centre.

Arcadia Assessment Centre

Once you have successfully come through the telephone interview, you will then need to attend the Arcadia Assessment Centre. The Arcadia assessment centre is designed to examine you against the competencies they are looking for. Each one of these competencies will be listed on the job application so make sure you re-read this before the assessment centre. These competencies will be tested against the full range of exercises. You will be told ahead of your assessment centre if you need to prepare for anything.

Arcadia Numerical Test

Some applicants, particularly for Finance positions may be tested in the Arcadia Numeracy Test. This test is produced by CEB’s SHL. You will be given some information in the form of graphs and tables. Based on this data, you will be given a question with five possible answers. This test has 20 questions and you are given 20 minutes to complete the test. Whilst the actual questions are not too difficult, without an understanding of time limitations in a test environment it is almost impossible to do yourself justice in these tests. Practice isn't just a good idea. It is vitally important. For more information on how we can help you with this click here.

Arcadia Group Exercise

In addition to the interview, you may also be faced with some group activities. Through these exercises the recruitment team are assessing how you perform with teammates, managers, and in some cases how you even take charge of a group of contemporaries. An important aspect of retail involves working with others from colleagues through to customers. A large part of group exercises is responding to those around you, but you can prepare your approach for different scenarios ahead of time. Gain tips for your group exercises from with our group exercises pages.

Arcadia face-to-face Interview

Whilst you are attending the Arcadia Assessment Centre, you will take part in other activities. These will include additional face-to-face interviews. This interview is competency-based and you will be asked to answer questions proving that you have the required skills for the job. The best way to present your answers is the STAR method which uses a narrative to show where you have used these traits in the past. The JobTestPrep interview preparation guide can provide tips for this. It is important that you make good eye-contact with your interviewer as this will demonstrate that you are confident and mature. They also insist that you should put them on the spot too and make sure you have many questions to ask them. This will show that you have done your research. Don’t forget to fully prepare for this interview.

Brand Interview

The brand interview is your final step in the recruitment process. At this stage, you will have a discussion with the recruitment team about where you will best fit in the company. Ahead of this interview read up on the different brands and have some idea of where you think you would best be placed.

Prepare for Success

Arcadia offer an interesting range of retail-based jobs across some very different brands. If your aim is to work in retail, this is a good place to start, but competition for spots is fierce. Prepare thoroughly for each stage to ensure that you get the best chance of progressing further. In this article, we have set out the stages involved in recruitment, particularly for graduates, and how you can prepare for each assessment. We hope you have found this page useful, and good luck with your preparation.

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