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What's Included

Online access to our aptitude tests, including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and abstract reasoning.


Aptitude test types

  1. Verbal
  2. Numerical
  3. Abstract and Inductive
  4. Diagrammatic
  5. Logical
  6. Specialty, technical and mechanical

For most positions you are very likely to face at least one verbal reasoning test, one numerical reasoning test and one non verbal reasoning test such as abstract or inductive reasoning.

Verbal Reasoning

A Verbal Reasoning Test is an aptitude test that measures the ability to comprehend complex written materials and deduct relevant information and conclusions. Verbal Reasoning tests also include spelling, grammar, logics, and vocabulary tests. Different aptitude tests are administered to candidates in different professions. More

Numerical Reasoning

A Numerical Reasoning Test includes a wide range of aptitude tests varying from "basic arithmetic tests" through "estimation tests" that measure speed in making educated mathematical estimations to "advanced numerical reasoning tests" that measure ability to interpret complex data presented in various graphic forms and to deduce information and conclusions. More

Abstract / Inductive / Diagrammatic Reasoning

These aptitude tests measure logical reasoning and perceptual reasoning skills. These aptitude tests do not rely on acquired linguistic or numeric abilities but on innate abilities, and are thus called non verbal reasoning tests. More

Logical Reasoning

The logical reasoning test is an aptitude test meant to assess the ability to understand and make comprehensive conclusions from the provided data. It is one of the most common aptitude tests and although it may seem as one of the most difficult, with practice it becomes much simpler than it seems to be at first.

Specialty / Technical / IT

Certain sectors and positions require an aptitude test that measures specific skills related to certain positions. For example, there is a wide variety of niche aptitude tests for IT personnel and for clerical positions. These tests are administered in addition to the main aptitude tests. More

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