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Prepare for Ameriprise with JobTestPrep

Want to have an advantage over other applicants? Let JobTestPrep provide you with everything you need to know about the Ameriprise hiring process. Prepare in advance for Ameriprise's aptitude tests and interviews with JobTestPrep.

Ameriprise Assessment Tests

The tests you are required to complete as part of the Ameriprise hiring process depend on the positions you are applying for and its seniority. You can encounter any of the following Ameriprise aptitude tests:

Warm up for the Ameriprise Assessment Test Online

Our wide range of pre-assessment practice materials have been designed with your success in mind. Sharpen the skills you need to pass your Ameriprise aptitude test using our in-depth practice tests and study guides. Not only will you heighten your confidence in taking the Ameriprise assessment, you will also boost your probability for success.


Ameriprise Interview Process

Although important, a successful Ameriprise interview takes more than dressing smart. Before arriving make sure to extensively research the company and the position you wish to fill. Make a list of points that highlight your past achievements and write open-ended questions to learn as much as you can about the company, division and how management operates. Remember that the interview is two ways, while they interview you, you should interview them as well. When faced with questions regarding your weaknesses, be open and honest, but also demonstrate how you resolve or work around them efficiently as possible. Try our Interview PrepPack and stand out in your interview.

Ameriprise Phone Interview

It is a common practice to invite prospective job candidates to an initial phone interview. The recruiter's goal is to get to know you and your experience better in order to establish if you fit the job.

Ameriprise Interview Questions

The difficulty of the questions and the types of technical questions you can expect depend on the Ameriprise job you are applying for. The examples below are designed to give you an idea of what kind of Ameriprise questions to accept.

  • Tell us about a time you experienced failure and learned from it.
  • What do you think is your biggest weakness coming into this job?
  • What makes you different from any other candidate?
  • Why Ameriprise?
  • Walk me through your resume.

How is the Verbal Reasoning Test Scored?

Most of the Verbal Reasoning tests do not have a predetermined passing score. Your score is calculated in relation to the scores of other applicants who are vying for similar positions. The number of your correct answers, called the raw score, is compared to raw scores of people applying for a position in your area. Such a calculating method can sometimes be disadvantageous since your correct answers would not necessarily bespeak good results. Even if you answer correctly 27 out of 30 questions, your test will not be deemed successful, if it turns out that other job candidates answered 29 questions correctly. If most of the test takers get more questions right than you do, this means that your score on the Verbal Reasoning Test is lower than the average result of your competitors.

What Should I Expect During the Ameriprise Interview?

Most interviews include questions regarding your availability, work experience, salary expectations, what you know about the position being offered (responsibilities, duties, etc.), why you would like to work for Ameriprise, etc. During the Ameriprise interviews, it is advisable to be aware all of the potential questions you may be asked and the proper way in which to respond to each. Since aptitude tests are often part of the Ameriprise recruitment process, it is also recommended to familiarize yourself with their formats, material, and answers. JobTestPrep’s highly specialized PrepPacks™ have been designed to cover every aspect of any given company’s recruitment process and will undoubtedly give you an advantage over the other Ameriprise applicants.

What Does the Ameriprise Hiring Process Entail?

During the Ameriprise recruitment process, you will be faced with a number of interviews and pre-hire assessment tests. These assessments will give your interviewers additional insight into your strengths and workplace abilities that do not always come through on a written resume.

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