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What You'll Get

  • 9 SHL-style numerical tests
  • 12 SHL-style verbal tests
  • 2 Excel tests
  • Interview preparation
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This PrepPack™ combines SHL-style numerical, verbal and Excel tests, an interview preparation, guides and a tutorial.

About the American Express PrepPacks™

American Express, also known as Amex, is a well-known global provider of financial services. Therefore, the financial giant is usually able to cherry-pick its employees and uses an array of online tests, both psychometric and behavioural. Getting ready gives you a big advantage during the hiring process and the PrepPack™ offers tailored materials to help you do just that. Start your American Express career with the help of this product.

American Express Online Application

The application process begins with you filling in a form and uploading your CV. The form asks for basic details, such as your work history, qualifications and personal information. You can also include a copy of your CV and write a personal statement, detailing why you are the right choice for the role. This is an opportunity to add a personal touch to the application and make yourself stand out. Review the job description and make sure to highlight characteristics American Express will find particularly attractive as described below.

American Express Blue Box Values

Throughout the recruitment process, there eight core values, or Blue Box values, that recruiters are on the lookout for. They are:

  • Customer Commitment - each employee has a commitment to make a positive difference in the lives of the customers. If you have worked in customer service before, make sure to mention that experience and what you learned.
  • Quality - this refers to both products and services. Before applying, make sure you know what American Express has to offer for customers.
  • Integrity - the company holds the highest standards of integrity in all of their actions. Examples of a good and honest work ethic and be an asset here so make sure to share.
  • Teamwork - Working with others toward a common goal is a large part of any job with the company. Showing your patience and ability to work with others, both in group exercises and through examples in interviews is highly recommended.
  • Respect for People - the company values their employees and shows this by encouraging employee development and rewarding good performances. Showing the recruiters your ambition and dedication to the potential job indicates you are a candidate they can put their faith in.
  • Good Citizenship - As a global company, American Express has a lot of corporate responsibility in places they operate. Demonstrating your willingness to contribute to these communities is something recruiters are on the look-out for.
  • A Will to Win - Finance is a competitive environment and showing that you have the “will to win” or the desire to succeed is a sought-after asset.
  • Personal Accountability - The company needs candidates who take responsibility for their actions and results, both good and bad. Any personal examples you have can be a great addition to your application and interviews.

Whether you are filling out your application or planning out your interview strategy, make sure to incorporate these values into your answers. 

American Express Online Tests

If successful with the application stage, your next step is online aptitude testing. Commonly, this involves numerical and logical reasoning tests and a situational judgment test. These assessments are provided by SHL. Make sure you are as prepared as possible for the assessments beforehand by knowing what’s on the tests and how to best approach them. The American Express online tests that you will take are as follows:

American Express Situational Judgment Test

In customer-facing roles, you may be required to complete a situational judgement test, or SJT, which gives the employer an idea of your decision-making process. Questions on the test present a work-based situation and 4 options of how to respond. You must select two options, one that you are most likely to do and a second that you are least likely to do. Looking to understand this test further? Try the free SJT test to get a better picture of your upcoming assessment.

American Express Numerical Test

In a numerical reasoning test, you are faced with the double challenge of difficult maths questions and a tight time limit. The test involves understanding and manipulating data to answer the questions correctly. Numerical information is shown in multiple ways, including graphs and percentages, so you need to practise in advance in order to get into the swing of the test quickly. With the SHL-style numerical reasoning practice tests, be prepared for any question that comes your way. 

American Express Logical Reasoning Tests

Logical or inductive reasoning tests help determine your level of non-verbal skills. In the test, there is a series of shapes following a specific logical pattern needed to be worked out. Once you have determined the rules which make up the pattern, you must choose the next shape in the sequence. Although you will face varied questions, a systematic logical approach can become second nature if you practise beforehand. Using non-verbal language, you can demonstrate your problem-solving aptitude by performing well, given enough preparation time. The SHL-style inductive reasoning tests can help improve your performance.


Pass your American Express Hiring Process and Online Assessment Tests

If you want to sail through your pre-employment assessment with ease, practise with this product’s exclusive tutoring resources. Purchase the high-quality PrepPack™ and start making a successful career at American Express.


American Express Telephone Interview

If you are successful on the aptitude tests, you will be invited to take part in an interview. This can be a phone interview or done by video and focuses on your competencies to better understand you as a candidate. Competency interview questions look at things like your strengths and weaknesses, how you react in certain situations and how you respond to high-stress environments. For more examples look through the competency-based interview sample questions and answers.

American Express Interview Questions

Below are some examples of the American Express interview questions to provide you with a sense of what you can expect. All the same, each interview differs. The questions are behavioural, technical and competency-based; therefore, questions are tailored to the specific position you have applied for.

  • Explain the metrics on your previous job.
  • Have you worked in account management before?
  • When was a time you failed a customer and what did you do to fix it?
  • What was your favourite project and why?

American Express Assessment Centre

The final stage of American Express' recruitment process is often an invitation to attend one of their assessment centres. Attending an assessment centre can mean you are faced with multiple activities depending on the job and its level. Typically, you will find that an assessment centre sessions includes things like further interviews, role-play interchanges and additional psychometric testing. These assessments give you the opportunity to demonstrate that you offer a wide range of skills that are relevant for the position you have applied and already been tested for.

Role-Play Exercise

If you are applying to a customer facing or call centre role with American Express, expect a role play exercise. During the assessment, you are given a card with a specific customer service scenario described which you must act out with the interviewer. Remember that this is a test of many of the things the company is looking for in employees so show that you are able to keep calm and clearly communicate with the “customer” to ensure a good performance.

Case Study and Presentation

The case study and presentation that follows are individual exercises that you need to prepare and present to an American Express assessor. The case study materials are often sent to candidates beforehand but you may be asked to complete the entire assessment during the assessment day. If this is the case, your greatest concern is time and it is vital that you know how to work through the materials and answer the questions in the most efficient manner.

The topic of the case study typically involves a new business venture for the company. Questions involve both written and calculated answers using the numerical data in the materials. Once you have answered the questions, you may be asked to create a short presentation about their work while others will simply submit it for review.

Group Exercise

For the group exercise, you are divided into small groups of candidates (usually between 5-7 people) and given a task to be performed as a group. This is a business related task which involves working as a team to find a solution to a problem. More important than finding the right answer is cooperating with the other members of your team in a productive manner. Staying quiet or overpowering your fellow candidates in the exercise doesn’t show the American Express recruiters you are a good team player. Learn to navigate this exercise with the help of the group exercise guide.

American Express Interview

The final interview is done in two parts: one with a member of the potential department you will be working in and one with a member of HR. These are competencies interviews, focusing on why you have chosen American Express and that particular department. The interviews are each approximately an hour in length. To prepare, make sure you fully understand the job description and can discuss and give examples of how you meet the requirements. These interviews are also a dialogue, meaning it is an opportunity for you to ask questions about the job and company. One way to prepare is with the mock interview and Skype-based interview preparation included in the PrepPacks™.

American Express Careers

Successfully getting a job with this leading company means being prepared for the American Express aptitude tests and assessment centre. The better prepared you are, then the greater likelihood you have of being able to perform well and minimise stress. American Express jobs are offered in a wide range of areas, such as design, commerce, consultancy, marketing and more. For more information, you should visit the American Express careers website, where you can filter your search to find the most suitable American Express position.

Which American Express Jobs Are Available?

American Express has a thorough list of the webpage called Amerian Express careers. There you can filter your search according to your field of profession and your location. The American Express jobs are offered in various fields as explained above, such as design, customer care, or marketing.

What Is the American Express Online Application Like?

To start your American Express hiring process first you have to complete the online application. For this, you have to create a tailored CV which reflects clearly that your application is relevant to the position. Then, you should also fill out a questionnaire. Following these, you will be invited to complete the American Express online tests and to your first American Express interview. 


American Express, SHL and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders is affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.

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