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What Stages Does the Recruitment Process Include at Almarai?

The pre-hire process at Almarai company is neither lengthy nor complicated:

The Tests

After your documents have been screened, you will be asked to take the Aptitude Test typically provided bz Talen Q. As a rule, this test is divided in several parts: The Numerical Reasoning, the Verbal Reasoning, and the Abstract Reasoning. Test questions are more or less equally divided between these parts. The Numerical Reasoning Test measures how well you can understand and analyse data given in charts, statistical tables, and diagrams. The Verbal Reasoning Test evaluates how well you can understand written information and determine a truth-value of statements made about what you read. The Abstract Reasoning Test is a reliable measurement of your fluid intelligence, which is your ability to identify patterns and logical rules. It also estimates how well you use your conclusions to solve problems. JobTestPrep has a rich arsenal of close test simulations. By practising with our tests, you will boost your scores on your actual examination and secure for yourself a place at the top of Almarai recruiters’ list of promising job applicants.

The Phone Interview

If your test results are good, you will be asked to schedule a phone interview with the company’s representatives. If you are located far away from Saudi Arabia, you may be contacted on the Skype instead. During this interview, you will have an opportunity to talk to the Human Resources representative and your prospective manager. Prepare to answer questions about your education, working experience, and career goals. You may also receive situational questions and talk about challenging situations in your previous organisations to which you found an ingenious solution. It is advisable to answer situational questions in keeping with the STAR format, focusing on the Situation, Task, Actions, and Results of your undertaking. Following the STAR format will allow you to answer situational questions in full. In so doing, you will also show off your personality and decision-making abilities most clearly to your interviewers. 

Some questions on the face-to-face interview will be technical. If your applied position presupposes working with technology or programming, brush up your knowledge of technical concepts and operation, or computer languages with which you work. Do not also forget to read about Almarai Company before you arrange for the phone interview. The recruiter may ask you about the company’s history and business goals. The phone interview may last up to an hour.

The In-Person Interview

A successful completion of the phone interview will lead to a face-to-face interview with the company’s representatives. During it, you will have an opportunity to talk to several senior managers of Almarai and heads of the departments in which you may work, when hired. Your interviewers will concentrate on your résumé, asking you questions about your previous work experience and projects on which you worked before. Expect also competency-based questions along with behavioural and situational questions. Wishing to give you a feeling of what questions you may be asked during your conversation with recruiters, we have compiled a list of them which you can see in the next section below. If you impress your interviewers, they will offer you a job position in the company. To assist you with your pre-employment assessment, we offer you our exclusive interview materials added to our PrepPack™. Study with our resources and impress Almarai recruiters with your professionalism and confidence.

What Questions Are Posed During the In-Person Interview at Almarai?

Questions that you will be asked during your face-to-face interview at Almarai are of different kinds. They may be competency-based, behavioural, situational, or technical. Below are some examples of the questions posed in the past to real job applicants by Almarai’s recruiters:

  • Describe the operation of a compressor;  
  • At what height would you consider a work life-threatening?  
  • How many production lines did you have in your previous company?  
  • What is the First In, First Out (FIFO) method?  
  • If you want to change someone's attitude to work and colleagues, what will you do as manager?  
  • What is meant by dairy products?  
  • Why do you want to work abroad, in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?
  • What do you expect from your new position?  
  • Are you familiar with the life style of expats in Saudi Arabia?
  • How long do you plan to work in Almarai?
  • What do you know about the business division of our company?

Think these and similar questions over and formulate winning answers to them. If you come to your interview with prepared answers, you will sail through it smoothly and confidently, achieving success and gaining admiration of your recruiters.

JobTestPrep puts forth an effort to create the most accurate simulation of tests offered to job candidates as a part of their pre-employment assessment. Purchase our high-quality PtepPack™, practise with our test simulations and interviews, and begin to improve the quality of dairy products at Almarai.


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