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Allergan’s Hiring Process

Allergan is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. With many locations around the world, Allergan aims to hire individuals who genuinely care about the well-being of others. Regardless of the role you are interested in pursuing at Allergan, the hiring process is very similar for each. The stages of the Allergan recruitment process are as follows:

  • Application Process: To begin the application process, you will need to go to the Allergan jobs webpage to select a suitable position matching your skill sets and abilities. Once you have made a selection you will be prompted to complete a short online application then upload your CV.
  • Phone Interview: If the information in your application and CV have been deemed a match for the open position, you may be contacted to participate in a phone interview. The purpose of this interview for further screening of applicants.
  • Pre-Hire Tests: Once you have passed the initial interview with Allergan, you may be required to take and pass a pre-employment aptitude test.
  • Assessment Centre: During an assessment centre you will participate in a variety of group activities with other candidates for the vacancy you have applied for. Not every role will require participating in an assessment centre.
  • Onsite Interviews: Once you have taken and passed your pre-hire assessment test or tests, you will be invited to engage in one or more personal interviews. These interviews will either be held one-on-one or in a group/ panel setting.

Allergan's Thomas International GIA Test

There are five different sections in the GIA assessment test. Preparing for each section beforehand will be your greatest precursor to success. These sections can be found in more detail below:


This section evaluates your ability to draw logical conclusions and make inferences from different statements describing the relationships between two people.
Perpetual Speed In this section you will need to quickly identify whether or not the pairs of uppercase and lowercase letters are the same.
Number Speed & Accuracy Each question will include a set of numbers. You will need to determine which number is the furthest from the number in the middle.
Spatial Visualizations This section will measure your mental-rotation abilities. You will be presented with two pairs of images that have been rotated a variety of degrees. You will need to identify the pairs of images that are the same and not merely mirrored.
Word Meaning In this section of the test you will be tasked with identifying which word is unrelated to the others in a series.


Our specialised PrepPacks™ contain everything that you will need to pass your GIA psychometric exam, as well as your interviews. Practising with JobTestPrep will not only boost your confidence but also give you a substantial advantage over other candidates who may be vying for the same position. Familiarise yourself with the format, concepts, and answers of the GIA test to advance into a new career at Allergan



Allergan’s Interview Process

the Allergan interview process will include many questions regarding your previous work experience as well as your working behaviours. Several examples of the types of questions you may be asked during this process:

  • How do you usually deal with conflicts with co-workers?
  • How will your previous work experience help you to perform this role?
  • Why do you feel that you will be a good fit for this position and company?

When answering behavioural questions it is recommended that you use the STAR method to ensure that your responses are both structured and engaging.


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