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What You'll Get

  • 5 full-length Talent Q-style Aspects numerical practice tests
  • 5 full-length Talent Q-style Aspects verbal practice tests
  • 2 full-length Talent Q-style Aspects combined practice tests
  • 3 full-length Talent Q-style Elements numerical practice tests
  • 3 full-length Talent Q-style Elements verbal practice tests
  • 3 full-length Talent Q-style Elements logical practice tests
  • 2 full-length Ramsay Institute-style MecTest practice tests 
  • 2 full-length Ramsay Institute-style MAT practice tests 
  • 21 Mechanical Aptitude practice tests + additional drills 
  • 25 study guides and video tutorials
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions


This PrepPack™ combines Ramsay-style mechanical tests, Talent Q-style Elements & Aspects logical, numerical and verbal tests, as well as tutorials and guides.

About Aleris

Founded back in 2004, Aleris International, Inc. is now among the top 200 private companies in the United States, bringing in revenue of $2.7 billion producing alloy for an array of industries: Aerospace, construction, packaging and transportation. The company currently maintains 6,500 employees, located in 40 production facilities and representing a wide range of disciplines, including in accountancy, web developers, Metallurgical Engineers, wastewater operations and much more.


Start Practising!

How to boost your confidence and glide through Aleris International, Inc’s hiring process and pre-hire tests? With those exclusive Pre-Hire PrepPacks™ that give you online, immediate access to various subjects. Study as much as you can in advance and get the job you always wanted.


Nationwide Pre-Hire Process

This product will help you fully prepare for your upcoming Nationwide hire process, no matter what the position entails. From utility managers to PPT technicians and Mill Operators to HR, get here all the information you need to know in a format that is easy to follow to ensure your success. Let’s start by looking at what the accountancy and inside sales hiring process will present as an example of what to expect.

Inside Sales Representative Interview:

  • Telephone Screening: HR will contact you to conduct a short telephone screening. Be sure you know your CV like the back of your hand and why you are interested in the position.
  • Triple Interview: These interviews will take up to 2 hours in total. Each will include two repressive from the company. You can expect a range of questions - both technical and personality based as well. At the conclusion of the official interview sessions, HR will give you a tour of the facilities. Remember to ask questions to show interest, because they will have their eyes on you.
  • Interview Question Sample: Give an example of a time you had a very difficult co-worker.

Accountant Interview:

  • Corporate Phone Interview: To be sure that you are interested and suitable (on paper) for the position, the company will first reach out for a phone interview. They will focus primarily on your CV, why you chose the company and give explanations about the position.
  • Second Interview: The second interview will take place on-site and include the presence of two plant controllers and one representative from HR. Questions will be a mix of technical and personal.
  • Breakfast/Dinner Interview: The final interview will be a formal sit down over dinner or breakfast to discuss your candidacy with a Corporate Controller. Remember to be personal, gracious and mannered during this final interview.
  • Interview Question Sample: Where do you see your career in 5 years and how does our organisation fit into your plans.

Aleris Pre-Hire Exams

Each position within the company will have its own tests. However, here are a few you should expect to be administered:

Verbal Reasoning Test

There are three basic types of the Verbal Reasoning Test. On the basic Verbal Reasoning Test, you will be asked to identify word analogies, complete sentences, or choose a synonym or antonym for an underlined word. The more middle tests invite you to read a text and make logical conclusions about it. The most difficult one asks you to make a decision about a statement based on a written text, that you will need to peruse within a very short period of time.

Numerical Reasoning Test

Pre-hire maths tests help your employer evaluate and assess your ability to efficiently and effectively analyse numerical data. These tests will give insight on your ability to use data in order to solve business-related problems.



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