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What the Aldi Assessment Process Is Aimed at

The Aldi Assessment is trying to assess, in a rather short time, two main things about you:

  • Do you have the right qualities for the job?
  • If you are hired, will you perform the job well?

2 of the 3 steps of the Aldi assessment will be done online. That is mainly because Aldi receives thousands of applications every week. In December of 2019 alone, around 150,000 people were looking for jobs on Aldi’s UK website. Yet, in all of 2021, Aldi is expected to hire around 100 new area managers only.

To put it bluntly: the competition for each Aldi position is high. That’s why Aldi simply cannot evaluate each candidate personally.

So, to beat Aldi’s hiring process and get to show your REAL SELF, you need to get a higher score than most applicants.

The 3 Stages You Need to Go through to Make It into Aldi

The exact hiring process you go through with Aldi depends on your position, but it will normally include the following 3 steps:


aldi assessment process

The 3 Difficulties of the Aldi Online Assessment and How to Untangle Them

When you face the Aldi online assessment, 3 difficulties stand in your way in passing and gain an opportunity to land the job:

  • You don’t know what Aldi’s assessment looks like.
  • Even if you do know, it’s a personality test, not a math test. So, you don’t really know what is considered “right” or “wrong”.
  • This uncertainty creates stress, which affects your chances of success on the actual test.


By tackling these 3 obstacles, you gain a substantial advantage over the average Aldi candidate and increase your chances at climbing up Aldi’s hiring ladder.

So, let’s get to it:


#1 - What Will Your Aldi Assessment Look Like?

Aldi uses two assessment tests to evaluate you:

  • Aldi SmartStyles – Does your personality fit the job you’ve applied to with Aldi?
  • Aldi Situational Judgement Test (ASJT) – Will you act appropriately on the job once Aldi hires you?


    Aldi SmartStyles includes 20-30 questions to be solved in around 10 minutes.

Each question will present you with 4 sentences and you are required to mark both the one that best and least describes you.

We’ll introduce you to an Aldi SmartStyles sample question in just a minute. In the meantime, let’s take a look at what the Aldi situational judgement test entails (or, jump right to the sample question):


    Aldi Situational Judgement Test (ASJT) includes 12-19 questions to be answered within around 30 minutes.

The questions present you with scenarios based at an Aldi store along with 4 possible reactions. You will be requested to determine what is the best and worst response to each scenario.

A sample question of the Aldi SJT test is also coming right up lower on the page. Jump straight there.

And still, even after you know what your assessment looks like, how do you know which answers are considered “right” or “wrong”?


#2 - What Is Considered a Good Answer?


Good answers on the Aldi SmartStyles and ASJT are those which represent the traits your employer expects from an employee, and the behaviour they expect you to follow once you’re hired.

What makes both tests tricky is that it isn’t always easy to know how these traits compare to the answers you are giving on the test.

Let’s try to clear this up with an example from each of Aldi’s tests:


Aldi SmartStyles

Here’s a sample question that follows the question style on the real Aldi SmartStyles test:

Which statement describes you MOST in a work situation and which describes you LEAST?

  Most Least

A. I always look on the bright side


B. I act quickly when a change is needed


C. I know exactly what is going on with all my projects


D. I follow a routine of daily tasks


They’re all good traits to have, right? Which should you pick? And even if you have an idea about which to pick in MOST, what should you sacrifice for LEAST?

Your better MOST and LEAST answers will depend on two things:

  • The way you naturally tend to answer such questions
  • The job you have applied for

That is why all our personality profiling tests and score reports are both personalised and designed with the desired position in mind – customer service, graduate positions, junior and senior management positions, etc.


Aldi Situational Judgement Test

Here’s a sample question that follows the question style of the real ASJT:

You are about to head home after a long day of visiting and inspecting stores. Yet as you are about to leave, you see that many products are misplaced, and realize that many customers will fail to find their desired product, leading to a sales drop. The department manager is currently busy with a customer. What do you do?

Talk with the department manager privately and discuss some solutions to the problem. Best Worst
Talk with the department manager privately and express your frustration and disappointment by the lack of standards in the store. Best Worst
Take two employees and ask them to rearrange the products immediately. Make sure you stay in the store until the task is done. Best Worst
Leave home but send a text message to the department manager that you would like to speak with him tomorrow. Best Worst

Here we have the same problem – the worst is D, but which one is the best? And why? How can you find the best response not only for this particular scenario but each one you will encounter on the actual test?


We have dedicated the past 20 years to the research and development to character profiling tests. As such, our SJT practice tests pinpoint the fundamental principles repeated throughout thousands of scenarios found in the assessment world.

This way, if you practice properly, no matter what scenario you encounter, you can dismantle it and come to the correct conclusion for the position you are vying for.


#3 - Stress Makes Everything Harder

Research performed in India found that people tend to succeed much less on simple cognitive tests when the reward given for success is very high (in that particular experiment, the reward was equivalent to 1 year’s salary).

The enormous stress applied on the participants by the huge reward made it extremely difficult for them to pass the test, even though it was a rather simple one.

You’re pretty much in the same position when taking the assessment - you have a job at stake! For many people, that’s not a 1 year's salary, that’s a lifetime salary.


One of the main accomplishments of our PrepPacks™ is in alleviating this stress by preparing you for the tasks at hand, one task at a time. The more you practice, the more confident and less stressed you will become.

Passing the Next Step – the Video Interview

Once you successfully pass Aldi’s online assessment, you will be requested to record yourself answering a set of predetermined questions.

The HR department at Aldi will then analyse your responses and see if you are an appropriate candidate.

What they expect to see in your video interview is similar – qualities and past experiences that relate to the position you have applied to.

Let’s get an idea of this type of interview by using one of the most common questions presented to candidates:

What makes you a good fit for the job?

Your answer to this question should include your past experiences, challenges you have successfully faced, and most importantly – results you have brought to your previous employers.

When applying to a managerial position, for instance, you might want to focus on decisions you made and projects you owned that took the business forward, productive work methods with other associates, etc.

Remember that your behaviour and responses during the interview will be compared with your results from the personality profiling and SJT tests. If they are inconsistent, it might raise a red flag.

For this reason, practicing the entire hiring process from start to finish will make a great impact on your chances of success.


To achieve your goal of getting hired, we have employed our expertise on personality profiling to provide you with preparation materials for your video interview as well. In this pack, you will find hundreds of common questions and the best ways to respond based on your desired position.


Passing the Next Stage (2) – Group Exercises

That is the final stage of the hiring process, and if you’ve come this far, you are in the top selection of candidates considered good options for hiring.

For Aldi, this is the dress rehearsal for the job before you begin working. Here they can test not only how you communicate on a 1 on 1 basis, but also your:

  • Ability to work in a team
  • Social skills and social confidence
  • Ability to work under stress and pressure
  • Ability to take initiative and influence others
  • Communication skills: manners, nature, generosity, aggression, dominance, listening skills, independent-mindedness and more.

To measure these abilities, you will face complex tasks in groups of 8-16 people.

The behaviours you exhibit during your time as a team lead will be compared to those determined by your written tests and video interview. You will be selected as the prime candidate for the role if a strong correlation is detected in each of these areas. Your Aldi Assessment PrepPack includes, therefore, group exercise practice tests as well.


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