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About Åklagarmyndigheten

This independent organisation is Sweden’s principal agency for public prosecutions. Åklagarmyndigheten is headquartered in Stockholm.

Available positions

IT security specialist in Stockholm Prosecutor in Stockholm
Administrator in Stockholm Revisor in Skåne
Prosecutor Administrator with a focus on IT in Östergötland  

Prepare for Åklagarmyndigheten's Recruitment Process

The main steps in the Åklagarmyndigheten hiring process are:

  • Application: Send your CV to the job you are interested in.
  • Phone screening: The HR manager will call you.
  • Interview: An onsite meeting with the relevant professional manager.
  • Assessment centre: If you are invited for an assessment day, you will participate in a presentation, case studies, a discussion, and other various tasks. This day is an opportunity for the recruiters to get a bigger picture of the candidates, in order to decide who is a good match for Åklagarmyndigheten.
  • Exams: Several tests, such as Matrigma, may be part of the procedure.

Aptitude Tests at Åklagarmyndigheten

The required exams can change according to the applied position and other parameters. An important one could be:

More assessment that can appear:

  • Numerical: Assesses your calculative skills.
  • SJT: The Situational Judgment test gives you different types of scenarios and conflicts (mostly work-related) and asks you to select the best solution for each. The idea here is to view your decision-making.
  • Verbal: Evaluates your grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and text analysis.
  • Personality: True/ False statements, and similar questions, that measure your characteristics, behaviour, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Excel: Tests your level and knowledge of Microsoft Excel 2018.

It is recommended to order our products here and study now, because the assessments above are usually time-limited,
and composed of multiple-choice questions.

Interview Questions at Åklagarmyndigheten

The following questions, and similar ones, might appear during the interview:

  • Please tell me about your background and previous experience.
  • How do you deal with challenges at work (examples could be given here)?
  • What is important to you at your workplace?
  • What do you know about Åklagarmyndigheten?

Before the interview, it would be wise to write down concise answers to the questions above; think of questions to ask at the last part of the interview; read up about Åklagarmyndigheten; go through your CV and highlight parts of it that you want to mention; and use JobTestPrep’s PrepPacks™ interview tips & tools.


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