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About JobTestPrep’s ADNOC Talent Q-Style Packs

Make sure you top the competition with JobTestPrep's PrepPacks before starting the ADNOC hiring process. Our comprehensive range of packs offers the education and confidence you need to ace the application, test and interview process no matter the position you are going for.

ADNOC Talent Q General-Style Online Tests

Talent Q has two main sets of tests. The higher level is known as Talent Q Elements. This section has three different tests: verbal, numerical, and logical. They are generally administered together. Talent Q Aspects which is the lower level of tests does not include logical reasoning test and employs instead a checking test as well as the numerical and verbal tests. In both Elements and Aspects, you have a short period of time to complete the tests, typically about 10 minutes.


The Most Efficient Way to Prepare for Your ADNOC Talent Q Tests

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ADNOC Interview

The job interview gives you a chance to elaborate on your interviewer as to why you will be the right fit for the vacancy within their company. A key to a successful interview is not only preparing for the sorts of questions you will be asked but also your ability to answer them confidently and effectively. Researching the company’s culture and expectations for the position you have applied for will greatly improve your chances of passing your interview successfully.

ADNOC Assessment Centre Information

Assessment Centres is a tool to filter out candidates It is a combination of tasks and activities which include role-playing, group discussions, presentations, social events, case studies, and psychometric and various written tests. The company is looking at applicants' abilities to work individually and in groups. The assessment centre can last up to two days. Candidates should demonstrate the following traits: commercial awareness, adaptability, analytical thinking, leadership, creativity, and good time management. Only the most successful candidates will reach the final stage of the assessment day which is an interview with high managers that, if they are impressed, may bring an invitation to become an employee in their company.

How are ADNOC Verbal Reasoning Tests Scored?

The Verbal Reasoning Test, like other aptitude tests, does not have a passing score. This does not mean that you cannot fail your exam. Quite the contrary, sometimes, even if you answer correctly most of given questions, you may receive that you have done badly. The reason for this stems from a peculiar system used to score applicants’ results on the Verbal Reasoning Test. When you complete this assessment, your scores are considered in relation to the scores of other job candidates competing in a similar field for similar positions. This scoring method enables employers to compare your verbal abilities to other employees working in the position for which you applied. Such scoring may place you at a decided disadvantage, even if you answer most of the questions on the exam right. If other job applicants with whom you are compared mark more questions correct, your score will be considered lower than average, no matter how few mistakes you made.

How Many Scenarios Can I Expect to Encounter in the ADNOC SJT?

You can expect to find between 25 – 50 situations on any given SJT. After you are presented with a scenario you will then have to either choose the most (or least) suitable response to the scenario or rank/rate the responses in order of effectiveness. The scenarios are usually challenging and engaging.

When Should I start Preparing for my ADNOC Talent Q Test?

You should begin preparing yourself for the ADNOC Talent Q as soon as possible. Preparation is key to understanding not only the structure of the test you will need to take during the ADNOC hiring process but also the suitable answers to the questions that will be asked.

What Types of Assessment Tests Can I Encounter in ADNOC’s Hiring Process?

The types and number of tests depend on the position. Typically, you should be prepared to encounter Talent Q numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning tests. Once you have successfully completed these assessments you can be requested to take a further test to confirm your original result. This can be part of the final stage of your application process. The key to achieving successful results in your exam is practice, practice and more practice. JobTestPrep Talent Q-Style Tests, study guides, score reports can boost your preparation process. Make the most of your time by taking advantage of our tailored Packs.

What Can I Expect During Assessment Day?

In addition to taking tests and personality assessments, you may also have a couple of preliminary interviews throughout the day as you hit various milestones. Moreover, you may be asked to prepare a short presentation on a predesignated subject, as well as taking part in group discussions, case studies and role play.



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