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About JobTestPrep’s Adidas CEB SHL-Style & Matrigma-Style Packs

Do you have what it takes to excel in the Adidas recruitment process? Our PrepPacks™ have been specifically developed to enhance your understanding of the subject matter and improve your confidence before even submitting your resume. Join JobTestPrep and pave your way to the job offer.

'Very Helpful, worth the money.Excellent preparation help, saw my scores improve as I worked through the Pack'

Isaac L., candidate for Regional Manager position at Adidas

  • 89% of JobTestPrep's Adidas candidates practised with Matrigma-Style tests
  • 72% also trained with CEB SHL-style verbal reasoning tests

Adidas Matrigma-Style Tests

Matrigma is cognitive ability test which measures examinees' skills to draw conclusions and solve problems. The test is online and has approximately 35 items that must be finished within a 40-minute time limit. Completing the Matrigma test successfully signals your future employer that you have acquired critical reasoning skills, advanced learning skills and clear thinking. These competencies are required for almost any position.


The Most Efficient Way to Prepare for Your Adidas Matrigma & CEB SHL Tests

Outperform the competition using our exclusive job recruitment preparation materials. We offer 24/7 access to dozens of practice tests, study guides, and more to ensure your success. Sign up and begin practising today!


Adidas Interview

So, you have passed the company’s initial screening process and have been invited for an interview. Knowing what to expect during the interview, whether it be held over the phone, via video, or face-to-face, is crucial to being offered the position. The interview process will help the company gain further insight into your workplace competencies and persona. By researching and familiarizing yourself with the behaviors and qualities associated to the position you have applied for, you will heighten your chances of being offered the position in the end.

Adidas Assessment Centre

Employers trust that assessment centres enable candidates to display a wider scope of talents than revealed previously. This event van be of various lengths, ranging from half a day to two days.Job candidates for a position are usually grouped with their competitors and measured against their performance. There are different eliminations done in this process, thus, not all participants attend the final stage of the assessment which includes an interview with the higher management of the company. Only those job candidates who convincingly demonstrated commercial awareness, adaptability, analytical thinking, and leadership are usually invited to the final interview that can result in a job offer.

Why Does Adidas Use Aptitude Tests?

Adidas employs aptitude assessments in their recruitment process to estimate your abilities for the job being offered, and also to evaluate your compatibility and cooperativeness in the workplace. The tests are usually multiple choice and the scores are based on the number of questions you have answered correctly. Your result is compared to the score of other applicants against the average score.

Is It Necessary to Prepare Prior to Taking the Adidas Aptitude Tests?

investing the time to get to know the structure of the Adidas Aptitude tests is essential to remove the element of surprise. Having an idea of the test's structure as well as the suitable responses will definitely give you a leg up on other candidates who will also take the same test. JobTestPrep offers countless useful materials to prepare you for your test day.

What Should I Expect during the Adidas Recruitment Process?

The recruitment process for Adidas varies depending on the job. After you have sent your application you should be contacted for an interview. Passing the initial interview will lead you to one or more aptitude tests to evaluate your compatibility with the responsibiltiies and tasks you will be trusted with on the job, as well as within the workplace. These tests will most likely be conducted at the Adidas assessment centre alongside several other applicants.


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