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About JobTestPrep’s Acty System Cubiks Logiks-Style Packs

Instead of looking at your upcoming Acty System Cubiks Logiks test as an obstacle, see it as an opportunity to distinguish yourself from your peers. When prepping with JobTestPrep you receive specialized Cubiks Logiks-style PrepPacks™, which will place you on the fast track towards success.


Don’t Fret About your Acty System Cubiks Logiks Test, We’ve Got You Covered

There is no need to feel uneasy regarding your Cubiks Logiks assessments and Acty System interview with JobTestPrep. We offer dozens of practice tests, study guides, score reports, as well as in-depth interview preparation materials to ensure that you are prepared for each stage of the Acty System hiring process.


What to Expect on Acty System’s Interview

If you want the job with Acty System, preparing for their interview process is crucial. After submitting your CV, you will most likely be contacted for an initial screening interview held over the phone. If this interview goes well, you should be invited by Acty System to participate in a face-to-face interview. The face-to-face interview will either be held one-on-one, or in a group or panel.

Acty System Assessment Centre Objective

Inviting job candidates to an Assessment Centre has lately become a highly popular method of weeding out unsuitable applicants. More and more companies are switching to this kind of assessment because they think that neither tests nor interviews alone construct a full picture of a candidate’s professional skills and personality. At the Assessment Centre, employers conduct a deeper and more complete measurement of candidates’ professionalism, because there they participate in various activities instead of just taking a test or conversing with interviewers. During a day or two of their assessment, job applicants make short presentations, discuss various issues and problems in groups, participate in case studies and simulation exercises, and engage in role-playing. During these activities, they are expected to demonstrate different qualities that will prove indispensable in their future work: leadership, excellent communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and a talent for working harmoniously and productively in teams. While job applicants are participating in various activities, they are closely watched by several assessors evaluating their performance. Those people whom assessors deem incompetent are sent home at any stage of the assessment. Not many job candidates remain till the end of the assessment process and have the final interview during which employers’ hiring decision is being made. Only the most promising prospective employees are invited for the final interview. To become one of them and sail through the assessment process with success, you need to come to the Assessment Centre well prepared. Let us lend a helping hand to you and offer you our high-quality test simulations supplied with detailed study guides and answer keys. Our interview preparation will aid you in building up an impressive personality profile and leaving a favourable, lasting impression on your interviewers. Practise with our exclusive resources and turn your evaluation in the Assessment Center into a rewarding experience.

What Qualities Do the Aptitude Tests Measure?

Employers prefer not to base their hiring decisions only on the impression derived from conversations with applicants. They maintain that interviewing candidates is a less productive method for predicting their future performance than testing them. To conduct a more accurate evaluation, they introduced into their pre-employment assessment various Aptitude Tests. They were designed to estimate candidates’ different cognitive abilities and their behaviour in certain stressful situations occurring in workplaces. The abilities measured by Aptitude Tests are numerical competency, verbal and reading comprehension, and the ability to analyse data presented in charts and diagrams. By estimating these cognitive abilities in applicants, employers arrive at a more accurate understanding of their creative and working potential. Lest employers create a wrong impression of your abilities, you must prepare for your forthcoming pre-employment assessment. JobTestPrep holds the key to your success in its thoughtfully created PrepPacks™. Practice with us and pave the way for your brilliant career in a new company.

How Is the Verbal Test Scored?

Scores on the Verbal Reasoning Test are not calculated according to the number of questions answered correctly. Your raw score is not important, therefore. What is important is how well you do on your test comparatively to others, because your final score is calculated against the scores of all applicants who are either competing with you now or already working in positions similar to the one for which you applied. This is not the altogether good news for applicants, since they may lose, even if they get most of the questions right but are still outperformed by other candidates. Because your scores are evaluated relative to the scores of your competitors, it is risky to come to your pre-employment assessment without practising at home. Avail yourself of a brilliant opportunity to study with JobTestPrep’s resources and outmatch others who are competing with you.

When Should I Begin Preparing for My Acty System Numerical Assessment Test?

The best time to start your Cubiks test practice is straightaway. The moment you begin studying and brushing up on the material you will be tested on, you are giving yourself a clear advantage over the other applicants.

How Is an Interview Different at the Assessment Centre?

An interview at the Assessment Centre is not different from interviews conducted in the face-to-face interviews. In both cases, you will be asked competency-based, situational, and, perhaps, technical questions. The only difference between these interviews is that at the assessment centre, the interview is only one of many activities in which job applicants are engaged during the assessment day. Together with the interview, you may be asked to give a presentation, participate in a group discussion, play roles, and take tests. In the regular interview, applicants only have a conversation with Human Resources representatives and prospective managers.

What Can JobTestPrep Offer me in Preparing for my Acty System Cubiks Logiks?

Our comprehensive package will take you through everything you need to know before taking the Acty System Cubiks Logiks test. Our answer explanations and keys along with comprehensive study guides will empower you with the skills to succeed. It is no wonder we are trusted by the top universities across the United Kingdom!

Will the Acty System Grade My Cubiks Logiks Test Results

The Cubiks Logiks Tests are certainly graded and computed as an important part of your overall interview “score”. Acty System wants to understand your true abilities and how you might fit in with the company at large.

How Long Is the Assessment Day at the Assessment Centre?

The duration of the assessment process varies from company to company. Some companies invite job candidates for a day; others require them to stay at the assessment centre for two full days. In the case when you need to stay overnight, you will be provided with a hotel and food. If you fly to the Assessment Centre from a different city, your company may also reimburse you for a plane ticket.


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