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The Modern Occupational Skills Test (MOST Test)

The Modern Occupational Skills Test (MOST test) is just one of ACER aptitude test products. These tests are paper and pen tests, focussing on the numerical and verbal skills needed for a range of jobs including administrative, retail, supervisors, office workers, and junior management. Since these tests are paper and pen based, you will usually only be asked to take them at an assessment centre. Learn more about the different tests and how you can prepare for these types of tests.

Modern Occupational Skills Tests

The MOST test battery contains a total of 10 tests organised against three levels of difficulty.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Verbal checking Numerical awareness Numerical estimation
Numerical checking Spelling and grammar Technical checking
Filing Word meanings Decision making
    Verbal checking

MOST Level 1 Tests

The tests at this level are suitable for admin and office staff, retail staff, supervisors and junior managers.

Verbal Checking Test - The purpose of this test is to measure the ability to quickly and accurately detect the various errors in a text. The texts and scenarios in your test are based on real life situations to mimic the type of events you may experience in the job. This test is 8 minutes long. This test may also be used alongside level 3 tests.

Numerical Checking Test - An 8 minute long test designed to assess how well you can identify mistakes in numerical information. This test is not a maths test, instead you need to check a set of copied information against the correct original source looking for mistakes. Each question consists of a set of calculations and a final total. The information is correct, but one calculation in each set of information has been done incorrectly. The mistake is always in the totals column - you need to identify all the incorrect figures and fill the correct answers into the box provided. This test is looking at how quickly you can scan through large combinations of numbers and how accurate you are at spotting mistakes.

Filing Test - This test looks at how well you are able to organise a set of records into the correct order. More than one filing system may be used in the information you are given, but you are asked to put them in a preferred order. In all you are given 12 minutes to complete this test.

MOST Level 2 Tests

These tests are aimed at staff in a range of positions including administrative and office personnel, junior managers and retail staff and supervisors.

Numerical Awareness Test - In this test you are given a series of work settings in which your arithmetic skills are tested. In this 8 minute test, you are asked questions which ask you to both recognise errors, including ones which were caused by using the incorrect information in calculations, and know how to correct them. Although this test may be used for a variety of positions, it is most appropriate for jobs such as accounts officers, bank workers, cashiers and more.

Spelling and Grammar Test - In this test you need to be able to review a page of text and identify the spelling and grammar mistakes contained in the text. The type of written page you are given is based on the type of work you will be given, and you may also be scored separately on spelling and grammar. This test takes 8 minutes.

Word Meanings - This 12 minute test asks you to identify words which have been used incorrectly and replace them with the suitable option from a list of choices. Questions are given to you in the form of a passage with several incorrectly used words. Where you find an incorrect word you have to choose the correct option from a list and fill it in in the answer box at the end of the line. Not every line of the text will have an incorrect word.

MOST Level 3 Tests

These tests are longer and more difficult than the tests at other levels, but are also used for office and admin staff, retail staff and supervisors and junior managers.

Numerical Estimation - This test requires to be able to work out complex calculations quickly and without a calculator. You need to know how to manage calculations of dimensions, times, money and amounts. Questions are multiple choice, so you need to get an approximate figure in order to identify the correct answer from the choices. This test is most appropriate for jobs which require you to be able to make quick estimates or where you need to be able to spot mistakes in calculations. In all you have 12 minutes to complete this test.

Technical Checking - In this test you need to be able to identify mistakes that have been made when information has been changed from one format to another - for example from numbers into words. This test is not easy, you need to be confident in both formats. This test takes 12 minutes.

Decision Making - In this test you are asked questions which require you to weigh up a list of options by understanding and applying rules, regulations and criteria. This is the most difficult MOST test, and is designed for candidates who are applying for jobs requiring planning, scheduling and management tasks, for example office supervisors or executive assistants. This test is also slightly longer than many MOST tests at 15 minutes.

MOST Test Practice

Preparation for any MOST test is crucial to ensure that you know what to expect and can achieve the score you need in the test. By preparing you can sharpen your skills, learn to work through questions quicker and more accurately and reach your potential. Prepare for these types of tests with our range of preparation materials.


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